If you’ve been involved in corporate L&D for any amount of time, you’re probably familiar with Patti Shank.  She has 20+ years of experience with performance and learning analysis, instructional design, the science of learning, and working with individual and organizational problems.  She’s also a prolific writer and author of six books.

Patti is known for her deep interest in living and learning, helping people work better, and making organizations better and more productive places to work.  She’s regularly listed as one of the most influential people in e-Learning, and if you meet her you’ll understand why.

Patti was kind enough to take time out from her busy schedule to be interviewed by Rick Zanotti of Relate.com for TLDC.

Join us at TLDC16 to meet Patti in person; she’s an amazing person and we’re thrilled to have her at our conference!



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