About #TLDC16

#TLDC16 is for Corporate L&D Instructional Designers, Technologists, and Leaders who are passionate about our industry and want to surround themselves with others who feel the same way.

You’re not a student or a teacher; you’re both. At #TLDC16 you’ll put that truth into action during our open, conversational, interactive sessions:

Focus on today’s Corporate L&D challenges and how to meet and overcome them.
Discover the new types of Industry Leaders and why you’re one of them.
Learn what it takes to be an Action Leader, not just a Thought Leader.
Share your leadership challenges and lessons learned in cross-generational conversations with Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millenials.
Define and manage your learning career brand.
Look into the future of L&D as envisioned by industry leaders.
Experience the ways in which technology like video, augmented reality, and virtual reality are changing the way we create.

We created #TLDC16 using these 12 Guiding Principles:

1. We believe training is real and necessary for every business at some point in their growth/maturity. However, training alone does not fully support the learning process.

2. We believe learning and development (L&D) departments can positively affect corporate culture and drive strategies across the entire organization.

3. We believe in talking about the issues we face today based on the context of tech, neuroscience, cultural diversity, and more.

4. We believe that every business started and grew without a training department and without a need for a learning and development organization. We believe the responsibility and control of most learning has shifted from the employer to the employee.

5. We believe every industry professional exists at a different point along the spectrum of Training, Learning and Development.

6. We believe our industry is experiencing disruption. We seek to understand this disruption and its effect on the work we do.

7. Our industry struggles with semantics. We believe words matter and that the words we choose to use in our industry must evolve to reflect our beliefs.
Example: we believe the word training applies to external forces being applied while learning is controlled internally by each individual. And yet our systems for managing external control are called Learning Management Systems and NOT training management systems.

8. We believe that the products created under the banners of both “training” and “learning” can be useful for organizations.

9. We believe that business needs should trigger our engagement. Our impact should be measured by the success we have in addressing those needs.

10. We believe that the words “training,” “learning,” and “development” mean different things to different people. We respect multiple viewpoints.

11. We believe in defining our industry, rather than allowing market forces to define it for us.

12. We believe that by working together, we grow ourselves and the TLD industry.


Want to Learn More?  Take a look at our What, Who and Why page.

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