special pre con

Is it something you even do?

Do you know what’s in it for you, what you’re planning to gain, and how you’ll put it into action? And if your organization invested in your attendance, do you know the value they are expecting in return?three

Register for TLDC to be enrolled in a special VIP pre-conference online session hosted by Trish Uhl, that will give you answers to these questions and more: TLDC Countdown to Conference: Pre-Planning Your Professional Development & Program Experience.

You need to know how The Training, Learning, and Development Conference aligns to and supports your professional goals and personal priorities. And you need to maximize the value of the event by understanding your Return On Investment (ROI) for expending the time, money, energy, and effort in taking two and a half days out of your busy schedule to attend.

This groundbreaking session offers real-world tools and techniques for thinking through your priorities, developing your Conference Strategy, and compiling a post-event Action Plan and Results Report – both anchored in global best practices based on professional standards.

So no matter if you’re paying out-of-pocket or expensing it back to your employer, you’ll be able to pinpoint your alignment, target your professional growth, and define measurable outcomes – based on a plan that’s personal, meaningful, and actionable.

This is way better than a “convince your boss” letter; this is real and practical value that benefits your organization…and you!

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