Workshop: Building a Business Case for Training

Discover the elements needed to build a complete business case for your efforts and learn to communicate in terms your leader recognizes.

Are you struggling to discover how to get leadership support for your learning initiatives?

This session is designed to assist learning practitioners to reveal focused learning opportunities from core performance data and then to develop solutions that align with business application and strategic outcomes. This session will ensure that learning solutions align directly with the organization’s performance framework and identified performance metrics.

Participants will discover the specific financial literacy tools leader apply when evaluating every business investment and within a training context building a comprehensive financial structure to support tangible, intangible, long and short-term learning efforts to gain business leader support.

Participants will explore why trying to convince business leaders to support their efforts based only on qualitative factors is insufficient.   Attendees will discover how to apply business tools such as cost-volume-profit, break-even, and net-present-value to evaluate a training investment, the real return on investment calculations. They will also balance their business case with substantial qualitative performance elements and respond to the questions their leaders will ask.

Participants will work through a case scenario requiring them to address a specific business need through a learning intervention.

They will:
• Conduct a business analysis to identify a learning initiative
• Evaluate how the business leaders view the learning activity
• Delineate between training expense and training capital expenditure
• Evaluate its impact on profitability on a project and when it breaks even
• Identify the leader’s qualitative operational performance expectations
• Respond to the leader’s primary questions and business concerns

Some of the key skills that participants will acquire include:
• Define how business leaders view ‘training’ within the organization
• Differentiate the financial evaluation tools leaders apply to select initiative
• Analyze existing business data to target precise learning interventions
• Identify the financial acceptance point in a business leader’s decision process
• Align learning efforts with performance expectations to drive business results
• Apply the appropriate learning tools to improve specific business data results

Location: Mission I Date: October 3, 2016 Time: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm ajay-pangarkar Ajay Pangarkar