The Science of Learning Game – Are You Geek Enough?


TLDC 002: Patti Shank, PhD on the Science of Learning from RELATECASTS on Vimeo.

Why can’t we provide too much content? How should we explain diagrams to make them easier to understand? Why is a commonly held belief about remembering not useful for instruction? What should we do to help people remember? What must happen after training for the best training results?

The answers to these questions (and others just like them) help people who build instruction improve instructional and organizational outcomes.* Most learning research is written in (argggh!) academic language, which makes it hard to read and understand.

But what if you could make a game out of matching common training and learning situations and research-based solutions written in plain language…

Wait! That’s exactly what we did for this session!

If you’re a learning geek and want better learning and organizational outcomes, come play, learn, discuss, and laugh. The game is designed to bring up questions and discussion, so no one will feel they are alone in feeling unfamiliar.

*According to really great research shared during the session.

As a result of being a player in the game, you will:

  • Learn foundational science of learning language and concepts
  • Connect common learning and training situations to research-based solutions
  • Consider expert solutions that count on key information design, instructional design, and writing principles
  • Discuss when and how these solutions should be used and when other solutions are a better option


Location: Mission I Date: October 4, 2016 Time: 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm Patti-Shank2.jpg Patti Shank