The Learning Tech Jam

learning-tech-jam-white-backgroundWelcome to The Learning Tech Jam!

A music-themed always-on unconference for conversations, and hands-on experiences (or “gigs”) where you and our speakers come together to experiment with learning technologies and techniques.

  • One gig every hour for 45 minutes.
  • These will be simple demos that you can try on the spot.
Have an idea of a tool or technology you can present in 45 minutes or under?
We’ll be taking submissions on SLACK (the conference messaging app) at the beginning of each day and we will schedule the top presentations/workshops that will occur over the rest of the day.




Let’s Jam: we know many of you are musicians and music hobbyists. We can jam and sing together as a mindful break during the event as well. Bring your ukuleles, hand drums, and other instruments to play! We will also have instruments handy in the location.


enzo-silvaYour Host:  Enzo Silva

Learning strategist for SAP, designs and develops learning experiences mediated by emerging and trending technology and frameworks. His interests span social media, virtual worlds, gamification, games, language learning, acting, helping others learn and apply creative ideas and tools to solving problems. Enzo is also an expert in language acquisition and holds a masters degree in Instructional Design & Technology. He currently resides in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area.

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