What Who and Why

What is it?

  • A new event tightly focused on how learning and development practitioners and leaders in the corporate space really get work done.
  • An opportunity to strategize for 2017 with peers. We’ll talk through the challenges we face and how we can earn quick wins to propel us forward.

What will you get out of it?

An action plan/2017 strategy to help you make change happen when you’re back to work.

Who is it for?

  • arrowsLearning and development professionals who want to roll up their sleeves and talk honestly and directly — to really understand how other organizations deliver work that aligns with business needs and produces results.
  • L&D managers and contributors who want to help each other understand what the other needs.
    • Managers: Better understand what your associates need to get their work done, what makes them tick, and how they want to grow.
    • Contributors: Better understand the challenges leadership faces, share why you feel stymied, and learn how you can manage up so that leaders understand how training is actually developed.
    • Solo practitioners: Better understand how larger organizations work so you can partner with them more effectively and/or discover how you might transition into a larger organization.

Why attend?

  • You want to dive beneath the surface of the seemingly perfect solutions offered up in the field, find out what it took to execute them, and learn whether it was worth it.  You’re looking for answers to questions like this:
    • How did a team do it?
    • What did it take for them to pull it off?
    • What battles had to be fought?
    • How did they wade through the muck and navigate the politics? (e.g., how did they move forward when their IT dept. wouldn’t work with them but their leadership said “get it done anyway” or how did a leader function in a business that’s not doing well?)
  • You want to meet peers who are confronting challenges similar to yours—maybe they’re budgetary, technological, talent, competing priorities, timelines, mismatched personalities—and talk openly about the realities and how to work through them.
  • You want to be coached by facilitators and management experts who can help provide guidance.
  • You want to talk about the challenges of finding good talent and of growing your career.
  • You are interested in cross- and/or reverse mentorship.
    • For managers: How do you know who really has the skills? Who will fit with the team?
    • For contributors: How do you get that next job? How do you move into leadership?



Can I attend if I don’t work in the corporate space?
You can, but the event is focused specifically on the corporate space, which tends to function differently from non-profits, governmental organizations and higher education.

Can I attend if I’m not in leadership?
Yes, definitely! This is not an event just for leadership. We all need to learn to work more transparently with each other. Your voice is part of that equation.

Can I attend if I’m already attending or speaking at another industry conference?
Yes! This event doesn’t replace one of the other established conferences in our field; it’s a complement—an important one—to them. And if faced with the option of one versus the other, choose both!

I really like all the bells and whistles of some of the other big industry events. Will this be like that?
This experience is all about working together with other participants to brainstorm and talk through the challenges we face in getting our jobs done. It’s not specifically about new technology, how to build training, using an app to “like” sessions or showing off what you’ve built.

How is it different from other established L&D events?
In lots of ways:

  • It’s close-knit — just a couple hundred people who are committed to being transparent and supportive of each other.
  • It’s not focused on how to use industry tools to build training. You won’t find sessions on how to use Storyline or Captivate, for example.
  • It’s not vendor dominated; you won’t feel pressured to sign up for trials or more information. Yes, select vendors will be there, but as partners in the process of working together to get the job done.
  • The hallway conversations that happen at other events are the event at TLDC. What you have to say and the connections you want to make— those are key focuses of the experience.
  • You won’t be missing out on concurrent sessions, wondering if you could’ve better spent your time elsewhere. You’ll be just where you need to be for the challenges you need to solve.
  • The focus is not on thought leadership; it’s on “doing” leadership and teamwork.


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