When we came up with the idea of building The Training, Learning and Development Conference, we wanted to address five challenges we see in industry events:

1) Industry conferences are often overcrowded and large.woman arrows

2) Venues were either too big and sterile or too noisy and overstimulating.

3) Fresh, valuable content is sometimes difficult to find. Sessions are repeated across events and many have gone unchanged over the years.

4) Networking effectively feels impossible. Rushing from session to session, grabbing a bite during breaks, no time to sit down and connect. Or if you do, you miss key sessions.

5) Conferences are expensive. Add in a workshop or certificate program and participants often pay $2000+ to attend. With room rates over $200 per night, plus food and other expenses, the total cost becomes a deal breaker.


Here’s how The Training, Learning, and Development Conference addresses these problems:

1) We’ve designed a smaller event. Our team has over 50 years of combined experience producing and attending conferences. In our experience, as events get larger the educational value diminishes.

2) We selected a hotel and conference center where the sessions and expo are just steps away from each other. Guest rooms are right around the corner. The location is on the bay; peaceful and tranquil.

3) You won’t find our content anywhere else. We specifically sought out content that is different, timely, and exclusive to TLDC16 — and relevant to your career.

4) We’ve focused on ways to make connecting easy and central to the event. We’re building collaborative activities into our sessions, offering valuable consulting opportunities with our presenters outside of sessions, adding group activities, and encouraging mingling between sessions. The location itself offers indoor and outdoor lounge space everywhere.

5) Compared to similar conferences, TLDC16 is the best-priced event this fall. It includes breakfast, lunch and a drink at the reception, plus the hotel rate is just $169 a night – a steal for a San Diego resort in October.

Why Else Should You Be There?

  • The event is like two and half days of personal consulting. Considering that our speakers charge upwards of $200/hr (usually much more), and we have 20+ hours of programmed content, the value is obvious. And that’s not counting the “off hours” networking opportunities. The reality is that you will NEVER get a chance for 1:1, or small group consulting at one of the large events. But at TLDC the speakers are there to help… and happy to do so.
  • To participate in MXRXP – The Mixed Realities Experience. Is all of this Virtual and Augmented Reality hype the real deal? See for yourself!
  • To take the time to maximize what you’re learning in The Reflection Center, an indoor/outdoor space designed to nurture your physical and mental state at the event. At its core, it’s a great place to think about the ideas you’re absorbing, and even share them with others.

This is not going to be your typical industry conference.  Our focus is on value, community, and building the industry, not the bottom-line or an oversaturated marketing pitch that leaves you tired and exhausted after your pockets have been emptied.

We love what we do and if you feel the same way, join us in San Diego!


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