Accessible and Inclusive Design Conference 2021

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Why Accessibility? with Sheri Byrne-Haber

Join author and Accessibility Architect, Sheri Byrne-Haber, as she opens AIDC21 with answering who needs accessibility, common areas of accessibility concern, how to gain accessibility experience, and why accessibility is everywhere.

Go Beyond Accessibility to Reach All Learners with Gwen Navarrette

Explore the seven principles of UDL and discuss three elements of learning: representation (the WHAT of learning), action and expression (the HOW of learning) and engagement (the WHY of learning). We will also examine ways to incorporate these principles into our current and future training designs.

Busting the Top 10 eLearning Accessibility Myths with Susi Miller

Making learning content accessible for people with disabilities and impairments is considered ‘the right thing’ to do by the majority of L&D practitioners. So why is it that most learning resources created today remain inaccessible and risk excluding an estimated 12% to 26% of our learners? eLearning accessibility expert and author Susi Miller debunks the top eLearning accessibility myths and demonstrates how accessible learning content really is better for everyone.

Download Resources from Susi Miller HERE.

Microsoft Accessibility Features with Gwen Navarrete

Join Gwen Navarette for a quick tour of the accessibility features built into Microsoft products such as Windows 10, Microsoft Powerpoint, and Microsoft Translator

Design Accessible Systems Training with Diane Elkins

Review a short Microsoft Excel e-learning lesson designed without accessibility in mind and explore ways to design the lesson to be more helpful to individuals with disabilities.

How to get Buy-In for Inclusive Design with Amy Lomellini

So after attending the other sessions at AIDC21 you’re an accessibility pro. Now how do you get stakeholders and even other instructional designers on board with accessible and inclusive design? In this session, we’ll create an action plan with realistic strategies to obtain buy-in.

No Excuses: Ten Things You Can Do Right Now To Improve Accessibility with Brian Dusablon

In this session, Brian covers ten simple steps you can take to improve accessibility in your content, along with some tools to help you recruit and teach others to join you in this effort and create new standards. No excuses!

Panel Discussion: What People with Disabilities Want L&D Professionals to Understand About Accessibility

Featuring host Kayleen Holt, Anja Hartleb Parson, Elizabeth Mayton, Amy Lomellini, and Sheri Byrne-Haber

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