Thursday, September 2

Summer Community Day 2021: Career Development

Join us for a new TLDC Community Day and take charge of your career.

What is our Summer Community Day all about?

Community Day is all about connecting people.

It's about finding mentors who can offer advice and help guide you through the best next steps for your career.

It's about connecting with potential employers who are eager to find talent.

It's about accessing the latest trends in technology and staying up-to-date on what defines success in today's society.

The Training, Learning, and Development Community's Summer Community Day is a premier virtual event that will connect you with like-minded professionals to help you build skills, innovate your future, and create a career that will take you to new heights.

Opening Keynote

Shelley Brown

The Original Weird Girl

A corporate strategist who spent 25 years practicing the fine arts of mergers, acquisitions, downsizings, public-private transitions, acts of God, performance reviews, KPIs, workplace cultures, and so much more, Shelley kept her weird to herself . . . until as an ultra-runner, her vertebrae collapsed, forcing her to rethink who she was and why.
Through this adversity, Shelley learned to allow her individuality to shine through, tapping into her extreme creativity and fearlessness to make a greater impact on the world. This confidence—along with a lifetime serving the hospitality, technology, and convention markets—gave Shelley the unique opportunity to make a remarkable difference, building a program that helped countless leaders and employees learn to be the drivers of their own awareness so they could become more effective, productive, and present.
Incredibly engaging and fun, Shelley encourages audiences to allow their W.E.I.R.D., embracing individuality to land at a place of inclusion.


Cara North

Operations Training Manager

Michael Jones

Senior Instructional Designer

Rubina Halwani

Lead Instructional Designer

Kayleen Holt

Principal Consultant

Christine Duguay

L&D Specialist

Heidi Kirby

Manager, Learning Solutions

Kim Lindsey

Learning Experience Designer

Nicole Papaioannou

Instructional Design Specialist

Lisa Crockett

Learning Designer, Career Coach

Kim Scott

Senior Technical Learning Analyst

Christy Tucker

Learning Experience Design Consultant

Sarah Cannistra

L&D Career Coach and CLO

Thursday Schedule

7:00 am

What if Weird Isn’t Weird?

We are all weird. We’re all the same dog with different paws. The thoughts and feelings that we believe separate us are actually our greatest connection to humanity. We don’t have to like, love or even embrace our weird, but when we allow it, weird can go from a label to a lifestyle that serves others and ourselves.

Shelley Brown

8:00 am

Being Old and New: Omni-Generation-ism

“Generations.” Amid the hype, what useful truths can we find? In this session, we’ll discuss strong cross-generational teams and explore some strategies to build one. If adult-ing is in your rear view mirror, how can you “think young”? What if your boss is (gasp!) younger than you? How can younger workers combine their strengths with those of others to achieve synergy? Wherever you are on the continuum, if you’re interested in relating to others and helping them relate to you, please join us!

Kim Lindsey

9:00 am

Panel Discussion: Getting Started in Freelancing featuring Kayleen Holt, Christy Tucker, Lisa Crockett, Kimberly Scott, and Nicole Papaioannou

Freelance instructional designers will share their journeys into freelancing, what they wish they knew when they started, and their advice to others who wish to start or grow their own freelancing business.

Kayleen Holt and Guests

10:00 am

Finding Yourself in Failure

Sometimes we want to hide our failures, to sweep them under the rug. However, embracing your failures can not only teach you about yourself but can pave the way for future career success.

Heidi Kirby

11:00 am

Nailing Your Niche - Starting and Growing Your L&D Career

Whether you are just starting to explore opportunities in L&D, or you are a learning veteran looking to take that next leap, the good news is that the career possibilities are endless. But with so many opportunities how do you know which direction to go in? In this session, you'll walk away with 5 key steps on how to find your "niche" inside of L&D and chart your own career path.

Sarah Cannistra

12:00 pm

Practice Makes Perfect: Breaking Down Secrets to Building Skills

What do being a musician and building skills in Learning & Development have in common? Quite a bit, actually. From the adage, “Practice makes perfect,” to fundamental strategies, and all the way up to mastery— I have been able to apply much of my experience as a Percussionist to Instructional Design. In this session, I’ll share those strategies, tips, and tricks so that you can apply them in your career.

Michael Jones

1:00 pm

Don't Underestimate Good Onboarding

Good onboarding is a crucial process in developing new hires. It's the first step in setting them up for success now, and in the future.

Christine Duguay

2:00 pm

Backwards Design Your Resume

Did you know that how you design your resume is just as important as what you’ve written in it? In this session, we’ll apply the backwards design framework to align elements of your resume (objectives, skills, and work experience) to job announcements in L&D. You’ll learn strategies to capture the attention of hiring managers to land interviews. I’ll stick around afterwards in the lounge to help 1:1.

Rubina Halwani

3:00 pm

Looking Beyond the Hype: Keeping YOU in the Center of Your L&D Career

In the last few years there has been an influx of programs targeted toward aspiring and upskilling L&D professionals that promise things like a 6 figure income, overnight expertise, and a community of supporters. In this session, we will explore ways to vet programs that are after your hard-earned money and explore what recent peer-reviewed research says about what job seekers want. This session will also provide you will actionable advice to grow and nurture your own career.

Cara North

Virtual Table Hosts

Table 1
Toddi Norum

TOPIC: Assessing Your Strengths for The Job Hunt

Table 2
Kim Lindsey

Topic: Being Old and New

Table 3
Lisa Crockett

TOPIC: Leveraging Creativity and Passion To Build Your Technical Skills

Table 4
Tamara Kravitz, PMP

TOPIC: What I wish I knew when I started out in this field

Table 5
Bhakti Karkare

TOPIC: How to build deep connections and conversations remotely

Table 6
Kayleen Holt

TOPIC: Freelancing

Table 7
Cyndi Nagel

TOPIC: Preparing for your Interview

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