Transitioning to Learning and Development
Event Recordings

August 29 - September 2

Finding Your Rhythm: Maintaining Your Mental Health During A Job Transition with Mike Veny

A job search is hard enough, but when you’re transitioning to a new career, it can be overwhelming. Dealing with financial stress, interview preparation, and rejection can take a toll on mental health. This presentation will help you find your groove without losing your mind.

You’ll learn strategies for:
• Focusing on what you can control
• Building resilience using the eight dimensions of wellness
• Using rejection to your advantage
• Becoming the best version of yourself

Discover Your Teacher Superpowers: Leaning In To Your L&D Strengths with Kayleen Holt

Are you feeling overwhelmed about getting started in L&D? Worried about everything you’ll need to learn, and your chances in the job market? Maybe Imposter Syndrome has crept up, and you’re wondering if you’d even be any good at the job.

In this presentation, you’ll discover how the traits and skills you probably already have as a teacher are valued in L&D. You’ll learn how to leverage those strengths and showcase your superpowers to hiring managers when transitioning to an L&D career.

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Becoming a Learning Experience Designer: 5 Skills You Need with Cara North

Content around learning and development is ubiquitous with the influx of people interested in the profession. But what does it really mean to do this work? In this session, we will explore 5 skills you need in addition to how we got here (brief historical perspective) and a capability model you should consider in your own professional development.

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Transitioning To Corporate ID - The Promise and The Pitfalls with Rick Jacobs

Teaching has many transferable skills that are in high demand in the corporate world, the problem is a lot of businesses don't know what those are. While there is overlap and commonality, there are also many differences you will be surprised to discover. This session will discuss some of the ways you can maximize your skillsets and knowledge of corporate speak and avoid some of the surprises that come from transitioning from a government learning career to a corporate learning career.

Life After Teaching: There’s More to L&D Than ID with Kim Scott

In this session, we will discuss various roles that teachers may qualify for in learning and development (L&D) besides (Instructional Design). From curriculum development to learning management system administration, to educational technology, and everything in between, we will discuss a variety of roles that can utilize a teacher’s skillset in their next thriving career.

ID Core Competencies and Resources for Developing Them with Sara Stevick

Have you heard of instructional Design, but maybe are still unsure exactly what skills you would need to develop in order to become one? As teachers, there are a lot of transferable competencies, but understanding the nuanced differences will be critical to develop in order to bridge the gap between teaching and instructional design.

In this session, we will go over the core competencies defined by professional learning organizations, and examine the different areas of focus that will be paramount to those looking to transition from education into the world of L&D ID. Additionally, we will explore both free and paid resources to help in your path to development, and how to organize your approach to be efficient and effective with the time you have available to devote.

Cultures of L&D: How Do We Do Things Here? with Matt Vosmik

Transitioning into a profession, organization, or even a team that is new to you means learning "How things are done around here." Transitioning into L&D is no different. We see differences in how people talk, interact, perceive time, and respond to change, to mention a few. We'll talk about the culture of L&D in different organizations and some questions you can ask that will help you find a great fit with your style and goals.

Impostor Syndrome: Meghan Markle Brought Me Here with Devin Torres

Imposter syndrome. Imposterism. Perceived fraudulence. No matter the label, when transitioning into a new space self-doubt is common. But what happens when those feelings won’t go away, even years later? Let’s talk about what it is, why it happens, and what we can do to keep moving forward.

How To Gain Useful ID Experience Before You Get the Job with Heidi Kirby

We've all received the rejection letter that reads, "Thank you for applying to Blah Blah Company. While we think your skills are impressive, we've decided to move forward with a MORE EXPERIENCED candidate." But how do you get experience if you're transitioning careers?

This session will help you identify ways to gain REAL ID experience in needs analysis, design, development, collaborating with SMEs, project management, and MORE -- before you land your dream ID role.

Transitioning or Transitioned: Navigating the In-between with Joelle Edouard

How do you know you’ve transitioned? It should be simple: you were a teacher, and now you are not, right? But what if your path is a lot less straightforward than you expected? What if you have to take some in-the-meantime jobs?

This session will explore these questions and offer some tips for making the most of the ambiguity of in-between spaces in your transition.

Let's MINGLE: Networking Formula to Find Support and Build Community with Bela Gaytan

Does the thought of networking make you cringe?  Are you confused about what to say, how often to post, or which platforms to use?  You’re not alone!  Networking can feel confusing with so much conflicting information out there.  But it doesn’t have to be difficult or dreaded!  Using her MINGLE formula, Bela will guide you through how to genuinely connect with people to find support, offer value, and build your community.  Bonus: she won’t tell you to do anything that you won’t want to do!

PANEL: Inside the Mind of A Hiring Manager with host Tom McDowall and guests Gemma Wells, Heidi Kirby, and Joseph Suarez

This panel of past and current hiring managers will consider key questions on what they look for and what they don’t during the recruitment and interview process. From CVs to portfolios, interview questions and whether or not those LinkedIn posts really will get you the job.

Building Your eLearning Portfolio with Ashley Chiasson

Building an eLearning portfolio is an important step in your transition to Learning and Development. Why? Because it will work for you! Building your eLearning portfolio doesn’t need to be an overwhelming task. This session will equip you for the portfolio-building journey and you will learn insider information about how to resolve your concerns about portfolio-building (e.g., I don’t have time!, I’m not allowed to share my work, etc.), what works well, what doesn’t work at all, and lessons learned in building my own eLearning portfolio.

The Language of ID: Commonly Used Industry and Business Terms in the Field of Instructional Design with Laine Istvan

Remember all the terms you learned when you first became a teacher? There were tons of acronyms and education-specific language that we learned and mastered along the way. It's the same as you enter the field of instructional design! In this session, we'll talk about specific language you can expect to use as an instructional designer. You'll even learn some business terms that can help you more deeply understand the corporate world.

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