TLDC's AI Labs 2023

Elevating Instructional Design


Skills-Based Learning & Frontline Upskilling with AI-Powered Instructions With Daan Assen

Beyond ChatGPT: 11 AI Essentials for L&D Pros with Maisha Cannon

Using AI for Personalized Feedback On A Large Scale with Melissa Cokely and Adil Sharif Momin

Using AI to Enhance My Creative Process with Nick Floro

Integrate ChatGPT in Your eLearning Modules with Garima Gupta

The 10 Commandments of Instructional Design (According to ChatGPT) with Dr Luke Hobson

Integrating AI into Higher Education with Wendi Iacobello and John Stewart

3 Secrets To Leveraging Ai As An L&D Professional with Josh Imler

Developing AI Literacy for L&D with Stella Lee

Revolutionizing Your Next Leadership Development Program with Alice AI with Joshua Luna

ChattyG and Me: 3 Ways to Use ChatGPT as a Brainstorm Buddy with Clea Mahoney

AI in Talent Development with Margie Meacham

Leveraging AI Tools to Augment The Human with Mike Simmons

From Order Taker to L&D Leader: The AI Revolution with Nikola Velickovic

Using Chat GPT for Building Scenarios with Christy Tucker

We’re Off to See the AI Wizard with ELB Learning’s Lectora and CenarioVR with Chrisanna Paxton McMillin

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