Boosting Learner Engagement with Strategic Font Choices with Cameron Francis

As instructional designers, we are constantly crafting new learning experiences for a variety of audiences. Whether it's for new hires or global programs, there's a constant question tugging at our minds on every project: "How do I truly engage these learners?" Join us as we delve into the realm of visual design and the important role that credibility has on engaging learners in your training deliverables. It's not just about the factual accuracy of your content or the overt passion in your delivery; but what we will focus on in this session is the learning environment you design, which helps shape what the ancient Greeks would call 'ethos' and communicates your credibility to the audience. Specifically, we'll dive into one of the secrets to crafting that ethos, which lies in the seemingly simple decision of which fonts you choose to leverage in your design.

Key takeaways

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