Roll for Initiative: Conquer Your Workplace Goals with Role-Play Mechanics with Russell Sweep

You walk into the meeting. What do you do next?Role-playing with coworkers can be a useful vehicle for skill development. Yet, it can be tough to get buy-in, take it seriously, and feel comfortable when you're across the table from another. In this session, you'll learn how game masters harness the power of verisimilitude (the appearance of being real) to encourage character growth in their games. We'll apply these skills in a workplace setting and discuss what every role-play session needs to be successful. Russell Sweep is the content development manager for Goodwill Industries International. He runs weekly sessions for the GLDC Project Club where he showcases L&D projects and encourages discussion. He's also an avid multimedia professional. He runs a successful podcast, The L&D Hot Seat: a show where guests are provided 3 challenging scenarios in the field of L&D and asked how they would solve them.Russell Invites you to connect with him on LinkedIn or visit his website to learn more about his work!

Key takeaways

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