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The State of Remote Work for TLDC 2021

Luis Malbas
November 3, 2022
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We ran a fifteen question survey on Remote Work for The Training, Learning, and Development Community, seeking to find answers on how members of TLDC are functioning in this massive and disruptive workplace shift induced by the pandemic.

Some highlights of the report:

93.6% are currently working remotely
85.5% feel trusted by their organization
77.6% feel like working remotely has been easier for them
80% feel like they have a good work/life balance
93% offered four or more stars (our of five) for the level of productivity they're feeling since working from home
58.3% feel like returning to work in the office would be difficult to comply with

You can download the survey responses here:

There were some excellent comments in the chat.

"I've always been in that grey area of "Is Remote/But Not Really", but the shift due to COVID helped to solidify me to work 100% now"
--- Quetzalcoatl Cortes
"Our company and department already had many remote employees, so policies were already in plance and the shift wasn't painful for us at all."
--- Lisa Spirko
"Trust is a must.. so I ask my team members.. what can I do for you.. always.."
--- Ray Jimenez
"When I was undergoing chemo treatment at my last org, I wasn't allowed to work from home because of the lack of trust."
--- Alan Natachu
On Work/Life Balance:
"It's getting better. When I started, I  had a high needs baby. to deal with on top of extra work. Now, the work is not as urgent, and my toddler can do  independent play."
--- Jessica Bishop
"When the pandemic sent us home, I asked to split my days so I had my afternoons for Family stuff. It really helped keep my family and me sane last year. I transitioned to a more 9-5 but hold a couple of split days."
--- Alan Natachu
On Going back to the office:
"It wouldn't be easy for me, and thankfully, my hubby and I moved to another state, so we're working permanent remote."
--- Lisa Spirko
"Wow - here's one where I'm in the minority: it would be easy for me. I guess I'm adaptable that way. :thinking_face:."
--- Kim Lindsey

And overwhelmingly, the tool most referred to as being the one to help with productivity is: Zoom

There was lots more to take away from the survey results and conversation.

Watch the video

Listen to the podcast

Download the report

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