Women of L&D Conference

March 17-18, 2022

Beyond Self-care: Putting Yourself First with Cara North

Over the past few years terms like "authenticity" and "self-care" have been thrown around to describe how people should act and how people should behave. During the pandemic especially, women took on more responsibilities including child care and school support that led many to make tough decisions like leaving their jobs or seeking new opportunities. While society & the Internet paints a picture of balance, reality says that true health is not what is always portrayed to us. In this session, we will explore the rise of self-care and you'll walk away with five tips to start putting your needs first.

Parenting L&D: Lessons from Learning to Mom with Nicole Papaioannou Lugara

One year ago, I gave birth to my first child. And while I expected to learn lessons about parenting, the experience has taught me quite a bit about impactful and impractical learning design. In this workshop, we'll walk through some of the best and worst from "parent training" and "parent hacking" products and how to apply those lessons to your organization's learning design and strategy.

Can You Regulate? with Rhonda Curtis Waller

Can you regulate your forward progress toward your goals? Can you regulate your inner voice and motivation despite any negative outside influences? Can you regulate your kindness, good humor, and hopefulness in the face of things happening to you and around you?
Keeping a positive mental attitude and maintaining a level of excellence in your life and work is more than a good thing to do; it’s a requirement.  Just think about all the times you’ve decided you cannot take it anymore.

Join Rhonda Curtis Waller for this inspiring session discussing the perfect question on which to meditate when we want to say “yes” to our own success.

The Changing World of Work with Conference Panel

featuring guest panel: Kayleen Holt, Devin Torres, Gwen Navarrete Klapperich, Tanacha Gaines, and Rhonda Curtis Waller

Career Wake-up Calls You Need to Hear with Megan Torrance

Remember back in high school when you laid out a career plan with your guidance counselor, choosing a profession, plotting the education and all the experiences you’d have along the way? Yeah, how’s that going for you?

It’s a long-running punchline in our industry that most of us didn’t even know our roles existed when we got started. But what about all the other “gotchas” and “ooohhh, yeah, did not know about THAT one” moments in our careers? Let’s kick off this incredible day of learning with a focus on you and your career … and some messages you might need to hear.

Throw On Your Sequin Jacket and Get On That Stage! with Vanessa Alzate

Getting the courage to step up on stage and speak is extremely difficult. Especially when you have frenemy imposter syndrome hanging out over your shoulder saying awful things to you. It happens to all of us! All of us deal with imposter syndrome especially right before hitting that stage.

In this session, I am going to give you my tips that I use to quiet that imposter syndrome so you can feel more confident on stage and shine!

Can Mentoring Break the Bias? with Toddi Norum and Molly X. Gee von Holdt

Do you know what to expect in a mentoring relationship? Can it help you move to the next level in your career? Toddi Norum talks about how female mentors helped her through the early years of her career in traditionally male dominated fields. She talks about how those relationships provided the "insider" networks that were not available to her otherwise, and how she likes to approach mentoring now that she is the mentor.

The Importance of Community with Conference Panel

featuring guest panel: Kayleen Holt, Devin Torres, Gwen Navarrete Klapperich, Tanacha Gaines, Toddi Norum, and Molly X Gee von Holdt