Writing for Instructional Design

January 28, 2022

Standard Technical English - For Training Everyone from Humans to Wookies with Jen Yaros

Simplified Technical English (STE) can make you a better communicator, and the essence of instructional design is communicating information to a learner. Whether the training is knowledge transfer or behavior-based, STE will make your content more accessible to all learners by removing ambiguity, improving comprehension, and simplifying translations.

Avoiding Voice-over Script Pitfalls with Christy Tucker

In this session, you will learn one proven technique you can use to avoid many voice-over script pitfalls, regardless of whether you use professional voice-over talent or record it yourself. You’ll also learn how to identify and correct common errors and how to adapt your writing style for more engaging, conversational narration.

You’ll practice editing some sample scripts during the session so you can immediately apply what you learn. You will also receive a review checklist you can take with you and share with your team to improve the quality and consistency of your scripts.

Merging Learnability with Empathy: Writing to Every Learner with Kim Lindsey

"What do you mean by that?" - it's a useful phrase in our daily lives, but one we hope to never hear from our learners.

How can we write with a voice and tone that resonates with them, whoever they are? Are there tips on preventing confusion and misunderstandings? What about courses that have a broad audience - how can we speak to everyone?

Join LX Designer and TLDC Member Kim Lindsey for tips and perspectives on using words that communicate successfully to support effective learning.

Are You Talking To Me?: Writing Dialogue That Speaks to Learners with Nicole Papaioannou Lugara

Leave behind the dull perspective of the observer and step into character. In this short workshop, you'll be invited to practice writing compelling, believable dialogue. We'll talk about character building, creating emotional impact, and other pro tips for different learning use cases.