Learning By Doing Conference

Games and Gamification for Instructional Designers

Starting In Media Res -- Lessons from Game Tutorials that Apply to L&D with Alison Sollars

Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Story-Based Learning Game Design with Kayleen Holt

Story Whys or Storywise? 5 Mind-Altering Reasons To Use Interactive Stories for Gamified Learning with Linnea Conely

Games-Based Storytelling with Stephen Baer

Visual Literacy - A Universal Way to Communicate with More Pictures and Fewer Words with Kevin Thorn

Epic Heroes: Exploring Narrative in Course Design Through Play with Keegan Long-Wheeler

How Video Games Make Me A Better Learning Professional with Cara North and Friends

Master the Art of Creating Virtual Escape Room Games for Effective and Engaging Learning with Stacey Herod

The Making of a Game-based Training Experience with Mallori Steele and Shonda Hodge

From Boring to Brilliant: A Case Study of an Award-Winning Game with Jen Yaros