Women of L&D Conference

March 30-31, 2023

“No Thank You”: Setting Healthy Boundaries as a Woman with Bela Gaytan

Let’s be real: boundaries for men and women are viewed very differently by society.  When men set boundaries, they are heralded as strong, logical, or confident.  Why is it that when women do the same, they are labeled as difficult, troublesome, or emotional?  

In this session, you will learn the importance of healthy boundaries at work and in your personal life using real-life examples.  You’ll discover how to convey your boundaries confidently to others.  Finally, you’ll come away from the session with a framework designed by Bela to help you determine what your boundaries are.

Panel: Mentorship Matters - Empowering Women to Reach Their Full Potential

Having a mentor can be a valuable asset for women in L&D, helping them to grow professionally, build their networks, and achieve their goals.

Join this panel where we'll discuss the importance of mentorship and share stories of how others have lifted us up.

Avoiding Stereotypes of Muslim Women in E-Learning Solutions with Saeide Mirzaei

In this session, I will talk about stereotyping Muslim women in e-learning content and provide practical strategies for avoiding common pitfalls. I'll discuss the negative impact of stereotyping Muslim women and offer tips for conducting research, being culturally inclusive, and avoiding overgeneralizations. I'll also provide examples of e-learning content that unintentionally stereotype Muslim women and show how they can be rebuilt to portray Muslim women in a nuanced and accurate way.

Rethinking Time and Calendar Management with Christina Archer

The pandemic redefined how we work and where it can be done. Between that and being a new mom recovering from mental illness, I opted for the work-from-home, mostly contract work environment. I enjoy the freedom of making my own schedule, but I realized that my time management strategy needed to change. The time I was saving from no commute was being spent on calendar management and time tracking. Join me as I share my journey, demo a few tools I am using to solve these problems, and start a discussion on time management.

Get Paid What You're Worth with Christy Tucker

How do you get paid what you're worth? It starts by knowing the benchmarks and understanding what others are paid for similar roles. In this session, we'll review some data from multiple sources on pay in the learning and development field, for employees and freelancers. We'll talk about the factors that affect salaries and hourly rates, as well as how to advocate for yourself. While organizations also bear responsibility for closing the gender pay gap, we as individuals can make a difference by knowing what we're worth.

Panel: Navigating Feminine Politeness Norms in Professional Settings

Hosted by Mallori Steele

This presentation explores how feminine politeness norms impact women's communication styles, career advancement, and job satisfaction in the workplace. Attendees will learn about the cultural roots of these norms and how they intersect with race, class, and identity. Strategies for navigating these norms in professional settings will be discussed, including balancing assertiveness with social expectations and expressing oneself authentically without fear of negative consequences. Men's attendance is also encouraged to develop a more nuanced understanding of gender dynamics in the workplace and to learn how to be effective allies in supporting their female colleagues.

Panel: Overcoming Barriers to Entry - How To Break Into Leadership Roles

Hosted by Mallori Steele

In this panel, host Mallori Steele and guests Carolyn Dumont, Courtney Teague, and Nora Pykkonnen share their stories of how they overcame barriers to entry to become L&D leaders.

From inspiration to doubt, finding mentorship and networking, nurturing growth, learning, and self-reflection --- it's all covered in this excellent panel.

Knowing Your Worth with Kassy LaBorie and Betty Dannewitz

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior with your consent.” What about you? Are you consenting to feel inferior? Do you truly know your own worth – personally and professionally? Kassy LaBorie and Betty Dannewitz candidly share their own journeys to finding their worth, to work according to their own rules, and to believing in the value that they bring to the world around them.

Survival and Success Strategies for New Learning Leaders with Laurel Schulert

Laurel will share her lived experiences in leadership challenges and successes at a major tech company. She will also share strategies for female leaders on how to define a team vision, build and lead a diverse, inclusive team, and successfully coach and retain team members. She will focus on strategies to move from survival to thriving as a leader.


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