Community Discussion - Building A ChatGPT with Luis Malbas

In this session, Luis Malbas focused on integrating AI tools like ChatGPT, DALL-E, and MidJourney into learning and development (L&D). Malbas highlighted the increasing relevance of these tools in professional workflows and stressed the importance of L&D professionals becoming adept in using them.

The session included practical demonstrations, like creating a ChatGPT application for event-specific needs and designing AI for visual learning in areas such as color theory and UX/UI design. Interactive segments allowed the audience to engage with these AI tools, emphasizing their adaptability to various L&D contexts.

The TLDCast concluded with a discussion on ethical considerations in using AI for content creation, addressing issues like plagiarism, and a Q&A session that delved into AI's future in L&D. This event underscored AI's transformative role in the L&D sector, offering insights and practical guidance for professionals.

Luis Malbas  
All right, good morning, everybody or good afternoon, wherever you are. Good day to all of you. Happy New Year. first broadcast of 2024. So crazy to say that oh my word. Let's see who is live in the group. I see Danny Nola Jeffrey DeRosa. Jen, thanks so much for dropping in. Welcome to the training, learning and development community. I'm here just to do to start out the year and just get going back into broadcasting things the year has started out a little crazy. How is all of your New Year's going so far? Mine has been a little bumpy. But we're getting through it. We're figuring it out, like almost three weeks in. And we're getting it done. Before I forget, first thing I want to post about is our next live event live conference is ready for everyone to check out the program is pretty much completely done. And there are 17 sessions the week of January 29. Oh, by the way, can you can everyone see me and hear me? Okay, just real quick sure that that I am live and then that folks can hear me just type something in chat or wherever. Okay, great. Thanks. Oh, forehand. Thank you so much. I wasn't quit. I'm like, Oh, that's a new year. Did I just like, mess up already? Hey, Greg, good to see you. There you go. Yes, it's all something in chat. Awesome. Anyway, that event which is a it's called Bridge to Success, transitioning to learning and development. You can see I posted the URL there. Even if you're not just transitioning to l&d if you're somebody that is intermediate or is a seasoned, l&d Veteran, we have sessions in there, but like things like networking and LinkedIn, lots of other different things, just hearing folks stories is always a great thing. I think all around if you're in this industry, because you just can compare notes and, and learn from others. It's also just a great way to, to meet and connect with other folks. And, you know, maybe just inspire you in some way. So it's free, sign up, T to You can you can see the program the agenda there and sign up. So we'd love to have you there. Danny, last video and audio. Okay, so let's see if anybody else has any feedback on that. Let me know. I think I have a pretty good connection here. Hi, Cindy. Good to see you. Good. Great to see you. Okay, great. Thanks, Craig. All right. So let's talk about GPT keys. Ah, how many of you are Is anybody out there? Are you using chat GPT at all or any other type of AI tool like Claude or even image generators, Dolly mid journey, things like that. I know for one of my things for 2024 is to just get really, really comfortable with using this stuff. There's no doubt in my mind that it's going to be a part of everybody's workflow going forward. Yes, everybody's using it. Jeffrey's using Amy's generators, I had just I just signed up for a mid journey account and have have built actually, really only one item, I haven't had time to go back and just start start really playing around with it. But I have it's definitely a priority of mine to to get proficient building those because I think that's that's just going to be standard knowing knowing how to run something like mid journey. And yes, Cindy's notetakers summary tools. Absolutely. So during the holiday break, I finally decided to jump in and just create some GPS. And this is what I've got some, I think that maybe if you've looked in the newsletter, I did share that I have this one, which is called the CLDC career coach, I built that one, just as a test to see and maybe I could, you know, so it relates to the upcoming event. And then I started to think I'm like, what if I just created one of these GPS for every event that we do, and so that is kind of stirring in my head, but I wanted to show everybody how I built those how I built this and how easy it was. It's actually ridiculously easy. And and I have tested it out and played around with some of the different conversations that are kind of default and open in the system to see I am not a transition to transitioning l&d person, so I couldn't get too deep into it, but I feel like it's pretty useful if somebody were looking to trans to transition into lnd, and just needed some basic information. I mean, this thing's amazing. Let me share my screen and I'll just show you what it looks like that everything is opposite on. On Crowdcast versus here, I'm gonna share my screen versus air meat, which is our main conference platform. So I'm always confused here. All right, so let me know if you can see that it is my screen showing my browser, you can see all my all my bookmarks there. See, permission granted think it's thanks, get So alright, so you can see the TLD see career coach, here are some of the default conversations that you can have are in there. And and this is something that chat GPT just sort of recommends as conversation starters. But let's try this one, what are the first steps toward a career in instructional design? I'm going to go ahead and do that. Craig, it is really amazing. You know, to just, I mean, I seriously look at Chachi Beatty, as interns, for me. And this particular intern is a little has been a little isn't looking a little slow. But there we go, you can see that it's starting to answer the question of what are the first steps toward a career in instructional design. And I think this is, you know, this saves you a lot of clicks. If you're if you were to try to do something like this in Google, you know, just standard search, you know, it would take you hours to come up with this useful information. And it still I'm just, you know, I am always just amazed at how, how well, chat GPT outputs, useful information for me. And so these GP teas that you can create, like for specific purposes, are really helpful. You know, preparing for this, I was like reviewing what other people have done, I went to YouTube and was checking out, you know, what other people have built, used to build chat ups and, and I saw folks like using, like building them for for golf. And there's one guy who actually use his mobile phone. And he built a specific jgP chat GPT to help him choose what clubs to use and the strategy to play while he's playing golf. And it was spot on the entire time. I don't know how I feel like if you did that, like you would probably never become a better golfer. Because, you know, I feel like that's a game that you really need to make mistakes on to learn how to how to do well, and most other games, too. But I was, I thought that it was amazing that using his phone, he was just talking to his chat GPT or his GPT the entire time and the GPT was just telling him what to do. Which sort of reminded me of my dad and my grandfather, when I was growing up trying to learn how to play golf. They were like my GP DS. Alright, let me check out the chat here. Yeah, it's all I think, not just mirror mirror on the wall. But I mean, who was it? I can't remember what we had a couple Speaker Well, one speaker in particular, who had named their GPT. And I thought that was really, really fun. Let's see Craig saying I use it on a regular basis, it just takes my writing and alters it the way I need SEO compliance, more active instead of passive, more professional, less professional, more for LinkedIn, more for X, etc. I totally agree, Greg. And the thing is, is realistically, a lot of times when I do generate any type of output or content, using chat GPT I doesn't get it right the first time, I usually take it and I edit it and I change it the way that I need it to you know, it's it is a tool,

there are certain things that I know that I would really really like to focus on. Like especially like with TL DC like putting bringing together or pulling together events and bringing people together to share information to help others those are the things that I really like to focus on the content part of it takes up a ton of time. And you know, chat GPT and just the level of AI now in general has been truly a godsend for me, because then I can focus on you know, interacting with the humans and I can let attach up to to do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to just, you know, ideas for content generation and just getting the the basics of the of landing pages together things like that. So, so I love it. All right. So you can see that with this particular TLD see Career Coach GPT it came up with with eight points and that are specific to what somebody who is embarking on a career and instructional design, you know, just a beginner level overview. All right. And, you know, there are a variety of other conversation starters that you can, you can you can use in that one as well as get into specifics. And if anybody has a specific question to ask, I'm happy to ask it. Try to stump GBT. Feel free to drop it in chat. And I'll do it. Cindy saying I use it for writing assistance as well. Similar to Craig, I use I use it for brainstorming, I've even use it to help me other use. Other uses include fixing HTML components needed for my LMS totally agree, I've used it for coding as well, which is actually really crazy to me like that. Just telling it that I need a boarder doing this or like, especially with a graphic element, and it'll come up with the CSS and just do different things. There was one instance though, where it took me at least like, eight or nine queries before it got it right. But it did eventually. So anyway, I'm gonna go back to the other screen. Oh, dad, he's asking you how to validate the results or outcomes seems to generate a lot of info. I think that that is the human part of it, too. I mean.

You know, there are things I guess that if I tried to maintain some level of of, of, of critical thinking with a lot of the output with these GPS, I mean, that's kind of like almost the first wall that you really have to pass. I mean, I I'm not going to ask it. You know, I know that. I've read articles about how I think Google recently did a test where actually, Chad GPT was better at recommending medical advice than, you know, a group of human doctors, you know, and you have to be critical, you know, think critically about that one, too. But I can see how how that could actually work pretty well. So but you know, we still have to have that level, I think critical thinking is going to be a huge component of our survival as we go forward if we're especially if we're relying on AI to do anything. So

yeah, yeah. Yeah, all about the prompts. All right. So let's make a GPT next event that we're doing, and this is I haven't announced that yet, I don't think but February is going to be visual design for learning. And so I want to build a GPT for that I started thinking about it and I came up with

with this GPT creation prompt. So let me go in here's the first step when you're creating this GPT when you're creating GPT is in your account, and you need the paid chat GPT account to be able to do this. So it's as simple as this I have the TL DC Career Coach created, I've only created one, but you create another GPT here. I'm going to go to this Create button on the left. And Chechi btw is just going to help build this new GPT And essentially, what would you like to make? Here's my prompt, and I'm taking this because I think it was Leanne Morgan who had asked me back in October to pull together Visual Design for Learning Event, which I thought was interesting we had already had November and December booked for events. So this en and of course this one for January the transitioning to learning lnd but I really thought it would be fun to do a visual design for learning one. So here is my prompt make a creative. That is an expert in Visual Design for Learning. This expert would be an experienced instructional designer that has expertise in color theory and palettes, typography course lab navigation, UX UI, crafting compelling narratives through visuals, elearning styles and latest trends. Oh elearning styles and latest trends. The creative also knows how to use all Adobe products dolly mid journey stable diffusion at Adobe Firefly. Now that seems a little crazy. That is also like some of that content came from the end. Some of it is mine. But does anybody else have any other recommendations for this creative? I don't know Craig, maybe I know that. That you do a lot of of graphic work. Oh, get saw you're looking for a job. I didn't know that. Gosh. No Chad GBT, I don't think can do a job search for you, but CLDC might be able to help. So let's, let's work on that sir. I will be happy to see what we can come up with, as with the community, because we of course are here to help each other. Anyway, so I'm going to start with that Prop. Is that cool with everyone? Hope so, because we're gonna do it. Oops, here we go. So I just input that and it's updating it with something more about where the output is going website personal logo T shirts Interesting. Okay, we can we can actually configure it a little bit more for one two, I want to understand that a little bit more on the on the output. So Visual Design for Learning. So if we were where would should I would you want me to specify that design is specific to courses? Or something like that? Are you thinking anyway, so GPT builder is saying Great, let's name this creative. GB GPT How about design guru? Does that work for you? Or do you have another name in mind? I'm not a big fan of design guru. tu tu tu tu tu tu tu How about this? I'm an I am I'm going to ask GPT Can you come up with a different name? Please I've been polite to my GPS I've heard that actually being polite to to AI can help so I've been saying please and thank you let's see what it says

visual scholar ha let's go with let's go with visual scholar. Oops. Let's go with this. I mean, last year at this time if you had told me that I'd be doing something like this I would have been like that's crazy that I would you know that I'm doing a Crowdcast building something like this and talking to a computer an algorithm about building a visual learning expert All right Jen saying she she's the only one to say please and thank you. All right, so I'm going with visual learning scholar. Now let's see now generates a profile picture. I mean, that's pretty cool. Yes, Danny it is it is shockingly human. And I believe I read Sam Altman, who is the founder and I believe he's the current CEO or something of of chat GPT and open AI was saying that that isn't too far away, just that you know, like the human interchange is just going to level up and be very, very realistic. I mean, it already is pretty realistic to me. So I don't feel like that as far away. His take on it. I wish I had read it more in detail, but it was just nothing to fear. It's just that the language is going to be is this is just going to be more natural and you could actually control how natural you want it to be. Okay, what do you guys think of that profile picture openbook vibrant, colorful pages each representing different aspects of visual design. Let me know if you think that that's okay. I'm sort of It's looks a little confusing it from here it looks from a distance it almost looks like a peacock

let's have it come up with one more please generate another profile picture

let's see what it comes up with. Let's see Craig is saying another thing I had to learn the hard way was not to start a new prompt each time GPT will build off the previous for example that long prop and got a two page response. I just typed shorten it up by about 50 words and it took what it already produced and trimmed it Yes. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, Jan is saying I like editing and I'm very happy to dialogue with AI. Oh, yes. Light bulb with a rainbow sort of color palette. You know, that is simple, and it's easy and to LDC in the past. As way back in 2016, I was definitely using a light bulb series and a light bulb. Yeah, yeah, not quite as wavy. Okay, let's do this. This suits my vision. Let's be enthusiastic about it and see if that changes anything. Let's see, I'm just gonna, I don't know what the next step happens if I say this suits my vision. Great. Now let's refine the context. Wow, look at that it's just going to continue. What specific types of interactions or tasks should this GPT focus on to best assist users and visual design for learning? This can include specific design query software related questions or any other relevant assistance. Okay, I am not ready for this. I'm not sure what types of interactions are Tasha, this GPT focus on how to best assist users in Visual Design for Learning. Can you folks help me with that one? Specific types of interactions or tasks? Let's see if we're creating visual design if we're dining designing something best assist users in visual design what kind of challenges would we have? Okay, Jen is saying I learned that I sometimes need to remind you btw, what we were working on, it tends to forget after a few back and forth, okay. Okay. It's all includes specific design queries, software related questions or any other relevant assistant. What suggested interactions or tasks do you have I love stuff like this because you are you know, it is fun to to stump the computer sometimes. To hopefully this doesn't blow up this entire GPT generator but let's see.

design consultation, okay. Software guidance, UX UI feedback, narrative crafting through visuals, trend insights. Wow. Okay, those are great. The I feel like Chad GBT can really spoil us sometimes. Because I wish that my own bread brain came up with some of those suggestions also. But I think that those are great. Yes. Okay. Great suggestion, Cindy.


provide guidance around cognitive load as well. That's a really interesting one, Cindy. And I think that that's really useful. I don't know that that's something Chechi Beatty would ordinarily. Come up with that. And you can ask anything related to visual design. Okay. So now that we've added guidance around cognitive load to the expertise of visual learning scholar to try out this GPT playground, you can ask it anything related to Visual Design for Learning, such as choosing color palettes, software tips, or how to design materials that manage cognitive load effectively. Let's go with it. For the sake of time, it's a 25. Pacific. So let me just say, we're going to test though, we'd like to test or

I don't think it knows that it's in a webinar or does it? I'd like to test now. Thank you for just being nice. Let's see what happens there. Okay, so we're going to test this in a second. But I do want to go over to this other option here where you can configure so I can show you what that looks like. All right. So if you want to change the name, it's as simple as changing it here. This description can be changed. I changed the description in the other one, I would like to tighten this one up. So I'll definitely do that later. Here is where these instructions if you want to continue to refine it more, you can do that here. I believe these instructions are are linked like a prompt. So so you can change those and And then also here, conversation starters. You can remove some, you can add, as you can see, there's a, excuse me, there's a blank blank space here to add conversation starters if you'd like to, if you'd like to, yeah, you can't I, you can alter the personality of the prop. Are you talking about like saying, you know, have a humorous personality or, you know, be very be a strict consultant or something or a rude consultant? Is that what you're saying about personality cuts all? If that's the case, yes, you definitely can you can ask it to to be a jerk. I've seen other gptc that do exactly that. In fact, there is one of the things that's going on right now is is that that there is a a huge there. They're having chatty BTS having to edit out and delete this really inappropriate chatty BTS that are landing in the stores. There are there is an inordinate inordinate amount of GPS being created that are functioning as you know, for I don't know, I guess, ultimately, yeah, functioning is his girlfriend's basically, it's so bizarre. Not even going to go there, though. Now, here in the knowledge area with uploading files, one of the interesting uses of this that I saw was this guy who had created the golf, the golf chat, GBT, he actually uploaded images of every hole on this golf course, to the GPT. So that that GPT could help him with his golf game. In this scenario, I am not quite sure what what files you could upload that would help, you are only limited to 10 to 10 files, so you'd have to, you know, be you'd have to pick wisely. I was also thinking about creating a beginner guitar player GPT. And I don't know, I was thinking about, you could potentially upload images of a bunch of like, maybe chord diagrams, different things like that, that might be helpful. But that's something that, you know, I was gonna play around with. So you can upload files to this to help the GPT be more specific and to have additional knowledge to be able to, to share, and then also these capabilities. So this one is a web browsing GPT. And it does dolly image generation. Now, the web browsing, I believe, yeah, it goes through Bing. So you know, they partner with Microsoft. So it'll be a result coming from the Microsoft Bing engine. And then oh, well, and I don't remember what the actions are create new actions. I can't recall exactly what that does. Well, I'm gonna go ahead and go back to this create area. And let's test it. So let's see. Looking altering personality, you can recommend a tone. Yes. And yeah, that's something that maybe gets all you should you should test out making some, some GPT. With, with personalities, and maybe you could load a branding guide. That's correct. Yeah, that's true. Cindy, if, especially if it's specific to your organization, that is a great use case. Ah, there goes my brain. Okay, I'm gonna just go with a conversation starter, like the first one. How do I choose the right color palette for my elearning course. We all need to know that. I'm constantly challenged by creating palettes every time I have a new event. I'm like, oh, what palette should I choose for this? And mostly, I just start. Like, I base it off of the first hero image that I use for the event that I find wherever. All right. It's just always amazing. I don't know about any of you other chat. GPT users, but every time that I asked you a basic question, and it comes out with all of this stuff. I am always just floored. Like, if this was an actual human that I was talking to about it and it gave me this reply I would like I just wouldn't know what to do. Alright, so choosing the right color palette for elearning course is crucial as colors can significantly impact learners engagement and comprehension. comprehension here are some steps and considerations to guide you. Goes through understanding your audience defining the course mood and tone accessibility and readability. Look at that. It's even recommending contrast and colorblindness. Thank you. Branding consistency using color theory, testing, get feedback tools and resources, cognitive load trends and innovation. Great start. Great start. This is a great start. Now, let's ask it's something that is more specific for a particular type of course, is there is there is anybody working on a course right now that is, you're thinking you know, you need a pallet for it?

Is Chechi Biggie plagiarizing other people with its responses? I think that the, the plagiarizing part of it is still, it's still it's still forming. It's it's still very dynamic. When you say plagiarizing. They're still trying to figure out exactly what that means. You know, there are a variety of there lots of media outlets out there that are suing open AI. Because open ai ai has been you know, it's been feeding on their content. So that's a tough. I mean, ultimately, I think it is. But I think our relationship to all of that. And the way that chat GBT is designed. The usefulness of it is like, it's almost required in some ways, but I think that as we have to, we have to figure all of that stuff. Yeah. Yes. Thank you, Cindy. Um, okay, let's pretend

I am building a course on Visual Design for Learning. What can you recommend? Specific? A specific color palette. How do you spell it? Is that right? No, sorry. I'm a stickler for spelling to palette. I hope that's right. Can you recommend a specific color palette, please provide hex codes for each color, about this, I'm going to say I would like it to be a three color palette. Please provide a negative for each color that works for you

I don't know if it's gonna do it looks like it is three color palette, teal, coral, and slay gray

can you generate an image displaying this color palette? Please. All right, so we're looking at I mean, look at the amount of content that it's already pushed out to coral, Lake Gray, it's giving me the hex codes. Alright, for anybody out there that goes more with RGB or anything else now I'm going to I want to see it let's see if if it'll use dally to actually produce something I don't know if this is gonna work

Jan, I totally agree with you. There is this there's sort of I mean, this internal conflict that's happening whenever you when when it comes up with this stuff, but I really do feel like like I prioritize my work in a certain way. And it does help me when I when I think about well, yeah, I mean, it's I think that that I think that we're as as knowledge workers and especially we're going to always sort of feel that that I don't know if I read your comment out loud. I should just in case anyone is watching this in the recording, but Jan is saying I often feel when I'm using AI that I should be citing, but since I don't I change it up a lot and I still have questions Still I have questions about this. Yeah. Thanks, Cindy for that. Oh my gosh, there's the palette. Well, I want to read Cindy's comment first, the plagiarism thing will come up. And I believe we will need regulators to get involved. In my experience, opa doesn't do a great job before writing its source. Some of the others do a better job about citing sources. Yeah. And that's one of my challenges, too, is that I am, I mean, there's just so much to learn about Chachi Beatty, that is the primarily the tool that I use, although I've been really interested in and I have a bookmark for Claude, but I don't actually go in there much. I've only gotten in there. Like when I'm in specific events, or when somebody else is talking about it. I'll open it up and start playing around with it. But I agree. It's really, really interesting. Okay, let's get to this palette here. Wow. Look at that spelling. Chant GBT not so good at that. So ta l and call roll. Slate. All right. And that is very interesting. Now, I would right now just looking at it. I would I mean, I liked the palette, but I would want to open up another, I actually open up an image program and find out whether or not those hex codes

246. Okay, so look, this HESCO hex code is wrong. Because TL is 008080 and that's wrong. Gorillaz FF six. Okay, that's wrong. And slate. Ah, I love it. The I like it sometimes when computers aren't the smartest, in, you know, in the room. This is great. I mean, it looks nice, but it's wrong. Ah, I love flawed things. And that's flawed. So, yeah, it's not perfect. All right, you got that wrong. And we could, you know, you could probably go in and manipulate it and tell it and tell it to, you know, that it needs to correct itself or whatever. But it may take a few few few tries to make it work. But that is so darn interesting. All right. And let's see. Let me take a look here. Good question. Is there an MLA style source format for DBT? Going in my own head and trying to remove what is MLA? Sorry, Greg. I wish I knew that. And let's see Jan saying Bard Bard is much improved. I haven't tried Bard in a while. I was an early tester on that and just wasn't working well. For me. Jen sang bark preferred Bardot over, chat. GPT. And yeah, I'll have to try that out. Thank you kids all. Yeah. Yeah, thanks, Jen. Jen is saying there's an inherent issue with the spelling on graphics. I've never gotten it to work. There are articles about it. And I'm a newbie when it comes. Oh, thank you, Jen. That's what I thought moderate. Well, I wasn't sure I knew was related to to language, MLA as Modern Language Association. Thanks, Greg. There you go that link? I don't know the answer to that one. It feels like Chad GPT can write better than I can. And it it does seem like by design, it should have that. And it would depend on the style too. And the tone. Maybe it's something that you have to reference in the prompt to have it. Yeah, to make it work with MLA or APA. So that's interesting. Okay, I don't know the answer to that one either. Craig, just as you call it a source and a paper there. Is there an official format for quoting sourcing GPT yet? I don't think so. However, oh, there is something that I did see recently I saw a and it's getting, it's getting some traffic. I've heard there is a it's a learning experience designer website. And I was reading it and it had you know, some interesting articles that it was that it had posted a blog. And so I decided to look in the about areas and in the about area. It did say that a lot of the content was generated by Chad GPT. And so I don't know if, if there if there is a requirement to say that, but I was after reading some of the blog posts on there, I felt like it had that tone to it where it was generated by, by, by AI. And sure enough, it was. So I feel like maybe we'll start to get a sense of things that are generated by AI. I don't know that for sure. But I, you know, my wife actually has to review a ton of content in the music industry, and she sees she, she's getting a sense for it. Because, you know, there are labels out there that are really, you know, they're just for reviews and just for, you know, just outputting whatever content and media, some of this stuff, you can tell no one really is paying attention to it. Sometimes it's just all designed for SEO or, or whatever. And it's obviously generated by just buy a machine. So yeah, I'm not sure.

Speaker 1  
All right, well, I think that we're at time, I hope that this was helpful, it's pretty straightforward generating these GPS, and I do want to continue to share information like this as we go forward. My journey in mid journey has just begun. And I'm really fascinated by some of the output that that particular

Luis Malbas  
AI tool can produce, I feel like, like, my, I have different accounts, where I am able to choose stock photos, things like that. I'm not, you know, I don't use them that much anymore. I mean, I have like credits at different places that, that, you know, that I've been paying for, but I'm not sure I'm going to need to use that with, you know, if I can, if I can generate useful things using a tool, like mid journey, we'll see. Oh, you know, and, and because it can output things that are, you know, that are specific, some, sometimes when I'm trying to choose stock photos, it's not, you know, I never find something that is perfect. At the same time, it's almost like, sometimes stock photos can because you're limited by what you can choose, you end up getting inspired by something and it can actually change the direction of your going. And so I'm talking specifically about, you know, when I'm creating things like events for, for to LDC, like the latest one, Bridge to Success, the stock photo I chose, has a bridge on it. And I'd actually not thought about a bridge before. But once I saw that bridge, I integrated it into the title. So that was, you know, stuff like that is happens. And that is really, really cool. If that definitely would have been a different thing had I just used mid journey to, to generate whatever. So there's that. Okay, last series of questions here. Jen, thank you so much. Let's see, um, Jan mid journey is not free. And I you know, maybe next week, I'll do one on my journey. Um, you can do some test images. It depends on sometimes they close it. Like when I first tried to test it, it was closed, but then they opened it up. The best thing is just to buy a to pay for some credits to use it. But you have to sign up for a discord account, you know, which I had, because my son and I pay attention to what happens in the local comic book store, and they use discord. So we had a discord account. And then and then you sign up to mid journey. And then you're allowed into mid journeys discord, to generate images. And honestly, I know that you could also log into your account in mid journey and see the images that you've created. I don't know whether or not you can prompt there. So I have to learn more, but I would love to share that information with everybody. Let's see. And so data you're looking at recommend a good place to start exploring what are good places to start, you know, I would say GPT 3.5, which isn't as good as the version that we're using here, which is GPT four, I would just go to Open AI open up an account and just just ask questions. And when I had started, I had kind of used chat GPT you know, I thought well, instead of doing a good We'll search, I'm just going to change it up and go over to chat GPT and try this free version, see what it has to say. And, and so and, you know, it was, it came up with really, really relevant results for me. So that's a good place to start. And then I started trying to figure out, like, Where can this actually affect my workflow? Are there things that I can use it for? That, that can help me and one of the things that I started using it for was summarizing, and I'm like, wow, some of the Summarized summaries, just a really fantastic in the newsletter, the weekly newsletter that I try to try to release every week, you know, after I a TLD cast or anything like that I needed to come up with some reason, it was always, you know, it takes me a little while, at least, you know, just take time for me to try to try to generate a good summary, but then catch up to and really helped me with that. So you know, the one thing is, you can just like, there are things that are really important that you know, you need to do, like things that are important for you to, you know, like, for me, event production, and just building community and getting everyone together, it's super important for me, some of these other tasks that take up a lot more time. You know, I want I'm so grateful to actually have it to like, catch up to let it sort of take over some of those responsibilities. And I don't want it to be core to like, anything that I do. That's not what, you know, that's never going to be a primary thing for me. Me, it's like, I just want to be able to share information and, you know, have a community that supports each other to try to, you know, just help build, build their skills, and all of that. So. So I do really, you know, sort of look at it from that perspective. Yeah. Well, that's it. Yeah, it's just another tool. Thank you. And Jen Canvas AI I have I have, I do have a canvas subscription. And I do use the AI tool. Sometimes it's been hit and miss for me. But I definitely need to explore that a little bit more. My Canva use is really specific, most of the time where I'm creating, you know, banner images, and I know like the profile photo of the speaker and I know the text that I want to put in, so I don't have to use it that much. But I would like to play around with it a little bit more. It might be just as useful as mid journey for me. You never know. But yeah. All right, everybody. So so that is it. I just want to remind you, if you please, if you can spread the word about the transitioning to l&d event, www dot t to is to to help some of those folks that are transitioning to l&d, or pretty much everyone that one and then oh, let me get you. I am going to save Sorry, I'm going to save the the visual learning scholar GBT. And let me see if I can grab a link to it. Copy Link, here we go. So that's the link to the Visual Learning Center feel, feel free to play around with that and share it. And if you find that useful, I'm actually probably going to use that well. Probably going to use it to build maybe the color palette for the next event. So keep an eye out on that. And I get I totally gets all totally Yeah. Free is never free. Right. But we'll see what happens in this instance. I'm not quite sure. All right with that. Thanks, everyone. Sorry, this one ran really, really long, but I appreciate it. Appreciate you all for being here. And we'll see you next time.

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