Community Discussion: Q3 & Q4 Event Updates

It's been a busy 2023 so far and we have lots more to go! Check out what we have in store for you for the final half of 2023.

Luis Malbas let's you in what's coming for Q3 & Q4.

Luis Malbas  
Hi, everybody. Welcome to the LDC, the training, learning and development community. Oh my gosh, I am somewhat disheveled. I just dropped my son off at school. Hi, Bobby, nice to see you. Thanks so much for joining in today. I think I see. Let's see, I think Kim is here to nachos. Are you here to and Michelle Johnson?

Yeah. Same here. Like it's Friday as well. And I kind of wish it was, but

well, so. Thanks, Kim. I Yeah. Hey, Joe, how's it going? My schedule changed for this year, because usually I could do 8am broadcast was, as you can see, I'm doing something in a 30. And it's because my son is now in fourth grade. And I have to have school by 815. And so, you know, I walk him real quick over to it's just a five minute walk away, but walk them to school and then walk back. But we usually leave at around eight o'clock. So. So going forward, I'll probably be doing 830 ish events. And so yeah, we'll see. Anyway, oh, looks like Cindy is here. This is great. Yes, Kim. How did it happen? Fourth grade, and he is such a fine fella. I just love the heck out of that kid. He is so incredible. But yeah, one of these days, I want to show him off because I just think he is he is the best. All right, so he's nine, he's nine years old. Let me go on. And now he's much better than me, I am going to share my screen because I got I have some slides. And really all I wanted oops,

share my screen screen. There we go. Just whipped up some Google Slides. So we can talk about this,

this community discussion. So I get let me start off with if anybody ever wants to do a community discussion, and just to try to get people together and have a talk about whatever, let me know, I am just open to it. I you know, I have this platform. And, you know, ideally, at some point, you know, people will just be, you know, willing to freely kind of use it whenever they need to. We used to do it a lot more often before. But you know, there's been more focus for me anyway on on building events, which I think is has been really, really helpful for the community overall. So but if you know, during the week, if you want to be able to reach this audience and just do something, as you can see, we don't get a ton of live participants typically. But you know, sometimes we do. Anyway, let me give you some updates about what is going on for the rest of the 2023 just because there have been some things that some interesting things that have come kind of come up. We wrapped up a couple of weeks ago, AITC 23, the accessible and inclusive design conference was absolutely fantastic. Cindy, you're in the audience, thank you so much for helping and definitely key in making that as wonderful, wonderful virtual event as it was. I literally like I think the following week, I was really almost, I just, I had to really just take a break from a lot of stuff because I had absorbed so much that week. And it was I don't know why it was so intense. And we wrapped up with the keynote, I mean, with Michelle, oh, I can't remember Michelle's last name. But the final speaker that we have, Cindy helped me out if you can, but she was absolutely amazing. And I really I've been sharing that recording with, with family and friends. But overall, just every single session was was phenomenal. I think definitely one of the best events TLC did. And it was an excellent topic. And as you can see, we're at 939 registrations. The number of sessions was bigger than we've anything we've ever produced in the past and for AI DC, definitely the biggest ADC and, you know, we probably could have had more register for the event. But I just, you know, a lot of it is just simply word of mouth. And I don't have like a marketing team or anything that I can use to just get out there and hammer folks to show up to this free event. If we did that we'd be I think we'd be we'd sell out every single time. So I actually kind of tone it down because I want to make sure that I like the word of mouth thing because it's people. People that show up are people that are interested to places for the recordings, have them on the AI website. You can get to it from there. And then also I upload these To another sort of independent server that I have access to you, you can see that lengthier videos dot the TL That one, you know, if you don't have like YouTube premium, and you don't use ad blockers or anything like that, you just want to be able to have an ad free experience, you can go to that website and watch them, um, you'll probably need to use Chrome to do captions if you need that, because that, that particular platform, their, their captions don't work very well. And also, it's an additional cost that I'm not willing to pay for since they don't well. And then I'll also be putting them on the T website. I just haven't had time yet. They're going to be listed there. Um, because then I can also include the transcripts, and there are a select few that I really want to be able to, to make podcast versions of because they deserve to be out there, including, you know, Cindy, thank you, Jessica Michaels. So So Jessica Michaels is, is one of my highlights of that event. Just absolutely fantastic. And I don't want the conversation to stop about accessible and inclusive design. So I know we had a couple changes in this in the schedule that week, like Elizabeth bills and and her colleague Stacy, they had to cancel because of another an emergency. And then I think I had another reschedule from Rebecca. I know Lisa Sparco is going to be coming on I have to get back to Lisa by email. But that conversation is something that needs to be a regular part of our rotation just because it should be. And so you'll see more more conversations about accessibility and inclusion. And of course, you know, di things like that are just going to continue to be a part of, of what we do here. So thank you for supporting, like bowl Joe, from captions. Yes, I need to learn how to do that because I don't even know how to do chrome captions. But I know that even as I've gotten older, I actually really like captions. I like captions. When I watch movies, we have actually have my wife and I have captions going now, just because we sometimes need to keep the volume down if my son is asleep or something. So captions really help. Settings assistance. Okay, excellent. I'm gonna have to I'll check that out. I'll probably turn them on today. All right. So AITC 23. fabulous success. Thank you, everybody. So great. And also I've been absolutely just been hammered by messaging and email. So I am not getting back to people quick at all. Because I've had so many things. And then especially formatting the recordings and getting all that done. That took a bunch of time. But hopefully I'll get back to people on things soon. Next one AI labs. And that's supposed to happen September 20. Through the 22nd. Cindy, I changed the dates on those by the way. There is an air meet instance up. And the plan is and I think it's this is going to work there three days of sessions, we're going to have like full length presentations, lightning style sessions, which are going to be like tips and tricks that I'm hoping that community members will just come in and say, Hey, here's something that I do that really helps me this is how I create scripts. This is how I you know, um, you know, storyboard something using chat, GBT just some easy stuff. I'm hoping that we can have a bunch of those because I know people are using it regularly in, in in their work. Although I did read yesterday at my day job at O'Reilly though, I think it's only it's less than 20% of, of the US actually even uses anything related to to AI. So it's just this hardcore 18% That's really into it. But I'm still it's super useful. And I use it all the time for summarizing and different things like that. I might even do a quick presentation because I find it so useful. And then there is a link on the screen which I can Can I just I don't remember this, doesn't it? Yeah, that's not going to push it out. Let me post this because if you have anything at all that grab this. Oh, that goes and went to ah here. I can paste this in chat. If you have any, any chat GPT or AI tips, any tools, things like that, that you might use that you want to share? Fill out the survey. Let's get you on the program even if it just takes five minutes. You know we'd love to just to see what you have there. Um, Cindy Yes, I am open to vendor presentations, but I'm actually asking that sponsors because since they're selling something, I think that this event would get completely inundated with with vendors if, if we didn't have a different category. So $200 sponsorship, it's super, it's, I mean, it's really, that's really cheap for what we're doing. And I'm going to, I do have a sponsorship page, which I probably should have, I'm going to paste that in here, it is really cheap. And it is it's great value for the money, I already have a couple. And I think it's just going to quietly be very, very, very cool for whoever does sign up for it. But I do need to keep that separation of people that are, you know, that are selling stuff. And they're going to get a full session or a, you know, 4560 minutes session to demo their product, and then also have a booth in the expo, a virtual booth in the expo, and you know, and then get get the branding. It's, it's, it is good. I mean, I'm, you know, I'm back in the old days at the place that I used to work, I used to sell these things for at least $1,000 a pop easily. And but, you know, mostly I want to just make sure that we have that separation, because I want people to know, you know that if it's a product being sold, you know, they need to know that. Let me see what else do I have here. And you think this last item, as a time capsule, I think that it's going to be interesting to track the impact that AI is going to have on l&d. And so this event for me that that the exciting part of it is saying, here's this thing that we did in September of 2023. And then next fall, if we do another one, you will look back and say, here's where we were then How different is it now? And and I think that it's really, really I think that'll be really, really interesting.

All right, let me just check out the chat. Really quick. Yes, thank you, Joe. And thanks, Cindy. Love it. Oh, let's see, do I have anything else to say about AI labs, all I really want is just hopefully to get more people involved. Because I do want to make sure that people aren't afraid. Or they use they use AI. productively. I was gonna say not afraid of using it. But there are things you know, AI is still something that we really got to watch out for, I believe, but but it can really, really help your workflow in your productivity, I think so hopefully, this will help people along and you know, there's some things that might be repetitive or that are time consuming, or things that you're not great at that you might want. The AI can really help you with it's, it can be a fantastic tool. Okay, so and then I'm thinking later this fall, about doing a talent development of men, and I wanted to get your folks his feedback on that. Because I am not good at this at all, like, you know, the relationship between talent development and instructional design, and, you know, and how higher ed fits in there and all of that stuff. Like that's something that I need to learn, and I would love to get a better handle on. And I'm thinking, hey, why not? Just ask a bunch of people to talk about it and get the answers. What do you think about that? So maybe just drop something in chat, let me know, because I think that it'd be really fun, just collectively as a group of questions we have, you know, I mean, ATV, the Association of talent development, you know, they made the change, whatever, how many ever years ago from ASTD? And, and all of that, but, you know, like, where, how can we can we define it a little better to help up people out there, help our community out there understand? And, you know, and just make sure that, you know, you we know, we're kind of what the differences and where the similarities are the overlaps. You know, there's, I wrote down there things I was thinking about strategy, measurement, methods, coaching, onboarding, all that stuff, I know those are elements of talent development, you know, and how is that different from you know, other places, you know, like even in you know, working for government or working, you know, of course in higher ed or different things like that. So, let me go back here. I want to answer a couple of questions here. Okay, was asking about Canva possibly, uh, you know, I think that there's so many people that would potentially sponsor this AI event, but I'm afraid to actually even chase after people because then I think, Well, I actually don't even have time for it. So I'm hoping just looking for help with that. But it'd be cool to have Canva on there, for sure. Um, let's see, it's okay to not just saying if someone does a demo of how they leverage AR would be awesome. That's what I hope the whole event is going to be about pretty much is just helping each other. Because, you know, rather than just do an event where everyone's just talking about the implications of AI, or, you know, sort of some specifics about how you can use AI with storyline and you know, just have like, six one hour sessions talking about that. I just want people just to share, you know, that's why the Lightning Rounds really appealed to me, because I would love to just see lots of little demos from people. And I think that's happening, because we have a few submissions already. And I think it's going to be really, really neat. All right, so and about talent development, not too broad. Thank you, Joe, because then it captures different topics and angles, this one will take a whole different type of level of organization for the event, because I do think that there has to be a more strategic way of pulling this one together. So what whoever the advisory group is going to be with this, there's going to be some primaries on it. So you know, Joe, if you're interested, whoever is out there, just let me know, I would, I would, I would appreciate the help. But we're going to cap this one so that it's not too. So it isn't too many cooks in the kitchen, I guess. Let's see. It's true, Kim could just do an event on onboarding. But, you know, I think that a big part of the audience for to DC is still a lot of the transitioning teachers, a lot of people that are just coming into this space. So I think it'd be helpful to have something like this for them as well as for the intermediate and advanced folks, you know, that that might just are looking for some specifics. I love it. This is great. This is the conversation is Go is gone. Already Bobby's saying a skills approach to TV and how to design around that from onboarding to ever boarding. See, this is good. So let's, let's think about it. After we wrap up here, maybe I can let me think about putting together you know, I can probably create a channel in Slack. And maybe we can, we can start collaborating there and, you know, build a mural board. All right, so it looks like that can be a go, Oh, I do have one other there's a person that I also met recently, I was connected with that. It was actually a company that that is also it was kind of a what would the word be? Because I had been thinking about this. And then I ended up speaking with them just to kind of a random meeting. And it was very fortuitous. And so um, you looking forward to introducing them to you because this guy Jeremy and his company, I can't even remember what the company's name is. But they just have their priorities are. They're more of a values based company, as am I as a community organizers. So I think that they align well with what we do. Anyway. Now I feel like I'm rambling. Let's go to the next one, ID and D. So this one. This one is kind of crazy. And I don't know maybe many of you may not have heard about what's going on with this one. But I made made a thank you for that Kim made a kind of a fake website, because Don Metcalf and I had been talking and you you may or may not know that I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons since I was a kid since I was I think I started playing it. Let's see, when did I meet my best friend Robert Reyes. Was that in sixth grade? Or maybe it was seventh grade when we started playing? But let me share this how do I let me

this is what the website looks like. Oops, here we do to do to do screen ups. Here we go. I may share this one again. And I got less than 10 minutes ago okay

all right. Here's my website that I built while I was on my lunch the other day

so again, I've always had a love for this game. I've been more focused. I love the storytelling part of it. And then you know, I was a comic book geek so I used to collect comics I just all that stuff. And somehow I'm just lucky enough to have Nine year old that is also completely infatuated with this. Not so much comic books, but with fantasy genre. He's a LARPer he does all of this. So this is, has again come full circle, it's back in my life. And, you know, he is constantly reading, he goes through books like crazy. I mean, he's a nine year old, just crazy reader, and he loves this stuff. So it's really, really fun for me to put something like this. So the intersection of education, instructional design and role playing games. Let me put the link here. So if you look at this, I actually built out, you know, fake speakers. Yeah, Lissandra, Starr whisperer, Gornick, the red, he's a student, just these different characters pulled all this stuff off the web. But I have a legit schedule of some really, really good topics. And three days worth. There was one guy on LinkedIn said he's been trying, he'd been trying for like, four minutes to sign up for this event and realize that it actually he didn't realize it was fake. There's some good stuff in here. And yeah, check it out. This is It's amazing. Now, I'm not looking for people to actually do these sessions. It'd be wonderful if some did and I do actually have some people that are stepping in to, to take on sessions and do that. So I don't know, I don't think that I can actually produce a three day event with for, you know, on on d&d and instructional design, but this is a real thing. So if you're interested in this, let me know. It's I think it's gonna be a lot of fun. And I do have let me go back. You know, um, Joe, you you could and here's, here's my, yes, Kim. Sorry, I'm like jumping back and forth. Let me just say real quick. And one of the one of the somebody who really wants to support this event is Christy Tucker, and a charity. She even submitted a character already. But um, and Joe, you don't have to be into d&d to I think, to have fun with this. I think that that's the whole goal goal of it, it's really going to be pretty. Just, I have no clue what's going to happen. You know, I I'm sorry, let me unshare and go back to my slides here. I do think more than anything, I want it. Oops, I want it

to be fun. And oops, how do I forgot how this works?

Oh, cancel, I need to go back to my slides. There goes. Wow, that's a small button. I need to remember that. All right, back to hear.

Ah, interesting question. Summer. I think that I think that you, your coworker would be okay, playing d&d.

I think so. Because so much of it is storytelling. And I think that with an effective, an effective, you know, dungeon master Game Master, they if as long as they were properly describing what is going on, I think it'd be just wonderful. All right, so let me go back to this, the reality of it, it was it'd be two day event, I would want to gamify it, real sessions, I think with the amount of traffic that I'm getting on LinkedIn, which is really wacky, it's gonna be might be a sizable thing. I do think that people are really, really looking for something different. And this is different. And, you know, and I do know that there are other organizations out there that keep a close eye on CLDC to see what kind of stuff we're doing and build, you know, their programming accordingly. At least, that's what I've been told from other people. And so this one is gonna throw up, throw people for a loop. And I wanted to I want to mention that Don Metcalf is definitely helping with this one, and she is an author and a fantasy, author and an A LARPer, and gamer and all of that stuff. So I think that'll be fun. But here's my here's, here's, here's the thing that I want to throw out there. In Dungeons and Dragons, you know, to, to, to get to you know, to level up you have to, you have to get experience points, which basically means do certain things you have to, you have to, you know, combat you have to defeat monsters, you have to find treasure, you have to, you know, figure out puzzles or solve puzzles do different things, you get experience points you get from, you know, you can go from first level, the second level, the third level, different things like that. One way I was thinking about gamifying, this, and maybe even a way to get sponsors is to say everyone starts out at first level. But during the course of the event, if you want to get to the next level, you have to like say read this article on Christy Tucker's blog are join this other community, it doesn't have to be TLD see some other useful community that is out there for l&d. You know, join that do all these different things throughout the event to get to a certain level and then at the end of the event post, you know, some different sessions or something for people that have reached a particular level. But I think that throw, like make sure that people are learning during the event by saying here is you know, instead of battling monsters, or the monster that you have to defeat is, is this is this blog post that Clark Quinn wrote, you know, that type of thing. So, um, let me know what you think about that, you know, or sign up for one of Joe Cook's webinars, you know, to be able to get to this next level, but I just don't know how we can make sure that people do the things that we'd want them to do to get to, you know, to if it's just going to be an honor system, or what we'd have some kind of add on don't know, some way of figuring that out. But what do you think about that idea? Okay. Yes, Kim, that's a great way of putting it virtual quests that are l&d related, because I think, you know, join Megan tortoises X API group, you know, because it's free, all this stuff should be free. And, you know, and that gets you to another level. And I think that would just help people be productive while attending this event and be sort of gamified. So let me know what you think of that. I think it's kind of cool. And you know, and I know, posting this, I mean, I don't talk to Chloroquine much. But he actually messaged me to say, you wanted to get involved with this. So you know, that it's getting some attention when Clark wants to jump in? Yeah, something like that, Kim? Absolutely. Um, thank you, Bobby. Yeah, I want it to be unique, but I want it Yeah, I think that it should be practical, and I want people to be able to get it. I want it to be fun. And I want people to also know that it, you know, that it's just helping them be better, you know, just all around, like, why not, not just don't do it about DND might as well just gamify all of it. And there's lots of free resources out there. I don't know, have people like you want to, you know, if you want experience points, then add one more example to your portfolio. You know, and, and just things like that. Yeah, there you go somewhere. Thank you. Yes, a side quest agenda or something? Yeah, I totally agree. All right. So and, you know, again, this one, I think we might even this one might even go, um, I think I have it like, possibly for October. And it's one of those events that I think we just have to dive into and do and like, keep our fingers crossed and see what happens. But I think that it would be a lot of fun. I think that that it'll help people, you know, and that's really like the point of all of these is I always look think about that first is just how much can it help? So um, that's it. And yeah, since Joe's leaving, I'm better close out this session, right? No, and actually, that is it for me. I just wanted to share this. So you know if any of you have any feedback, I know that you're welcome Bobby. There are some folks in Eau Claire. There you go. Claire actually has something in the in the AI labs already that that that claim is submitted. So thank you so much for that clay I see that you're in Kathy Z. Sam. Go to TLD If you're not already part of our Slack group. If you want message me with any questions, I'm looking forward to seeing it clean. It sounds good. And I love the title. Yeah, if you can check out everybody overhead in Slack message If you have any questions, what was I gonna say? Oh yeah, and if you have any, you know, want to submit any AI tips and tricks, link is somewhere up in chat, please do it. And I'm just going to keep on chipping away at this. If you know any anybody that wants to sponsor, let me know we actually have a limited amount I think I can only take like maybe six sponsors because I don't want it to be the whole event to be full of vendors but it's a good opportunity for people that are willing to take the time to do it. All right, everybody. I'm gonna close out. Thanks everyone. And next week, I think we have I think Vanessa Rosati is coming we have more, more member profiles or member showcases coming our way. Have a good one. Bye

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