Community Discussion - What Are Your Goals for 2020?

In this Community Discussion episode, we discussed GOALS.

Since it's the beginning of the year, it only felt natural to reflect on what's ahead for 2020. So in this episode, some of our live audience contributed their 2020 goals and we also had a couple of fantastic onscreen guests.

Mike Simmons, Founder of Catalyst Sale and known for his stellar ability to execute on and accomplish goals, broke down how he sets, executes, and achieves his goals.

Michael Abrams, an Organizational Development Professional and Entrepreneur who is working on a doctoral thesis focused on goals, offered some excellent insight into how we process goals, some strategies for success, and even some of the psychology behind goal setting.

It was a great conversation that covered fitness topics and Dairy Queen Blizzards to tracking, analysis and failure potentials.

I hope this discussion inspires you to succeed at your goals, and at the very least, set some goals for the year if you haven't already.

Key takeaways

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