Community Showcase: Dorota Langner

In this latest Member Showcase conversation: Dorota Langner.

Born and raised in Poland, then moving to France, then Ireland, and now living in Toronto - Dorota has had a fascinating journey thus far, and is about as passionate an instructional designer as you'll find out there.

It's always a treat to talk to instructional designers from other parts of the world and Dorota is no exception. And best of all, if you're an employer looking for someone that's worked for public and private companies, especially NGO's and multinational corporations, you'll want to reach out to Dorota - she's currently available for employment. And more than likely, she won't be for long.

Here's Dorota's website:

So thanks for tuning in, and meet Dorota Langner in our latest Member Showcase!

Key takeaways

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