Do Instructional Designers Need Coding Skills?

In this Community Discussion episode, we asked the question "Do Instructional Designers Need Coding Skills?" The short answer is No. But - there is also a very strong case to answer that question with "It depends". Ultimately, the question can only be answered by defining the kind of instructional designer you're going to be, for example, a free lancer or a single person on a small ID team that might not have access to developers or coders.

Take a listen to the episode and you'll hear some great feedback from the audience that was composed of some strong instructional design veterans.

Also in this episode, we dive a bit into a project guest, Carlita Godsey, is working on. She's building a course on American Sign Language and reached out to the Community in this episode to see if she needed to learn how to code to be able to make her course better.

Here's the SLIDE DECK.

Key takeaways

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