Exploring L&D YouTube Creators' Processes featuring host Tom McDowall with Vanessa Alzate and Joseph Suarez

Does YouTube and Instructional Design make a good match?

Well YouTube is the largest online platform in the US, and unsurprisingly, we're seeing more and more IDs starting channels and using YouTube to do what they do best: sharing knowledge.

In this episode, we have three of our own community members and active YouTubers, Tom McDowall, Vanessa Alzate, and Joseph Suarez discuss their YouTube processes and systems. They also talk about what motivated them to start their channels. So if you're at all considering starting a YouTube channel, this episode will be help you move forward. And even if a channel isn't something you're interested in building, you'll find this topic interesting - especially if you're a YouTube regular like 73% of the US's adult population.

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