Human-centered AI and a Community of Practice with Dream See Do's Jeremy Berman & Farhan Quasem

We are excited to welcome our friends at Dream See Do (DSD) to host an informative session on how they built their 'People Development' - learning, training and coaching - platform to elevate & spotlight the work of L&D professionals. You may recognize DSD's CEO, Jeremy, as the Keynote Speaker from our December Talent Development event!Join us to learn more about how the road less traveled has inspired this team to build a values-driven learning technology company; organically create a modern, digitally native learning model, The CPR Flywheel™; and to incorporate human-centered AI into their platform.If that wasn't enough, they're starting a unique community of practice called ALPH (Always Learning Professional Hub) with free access to their platform to empower practitioners to experiment, innovate and learn alongside one another in periodic group learning video calls held by their talented and dedicated team.

Key takeaways

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