How I'm Using AI in my TLDC Workflow with Luis Malbas

Integrating AI into my workflow has been an exciting and profound experience. It's also unsettling and scary.

So I've put together a session that explains how I've been using tools like ChatGPT, MS Bing, and Google Bard in my workflow. I'll explain basic concepts, the AI influence and integration I'm seeing in L&D, and why it's critical you start using AI tools in your work.

This is an introductory session that I hope will help you get an idea of the power and scope of AI's possibilities.

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Luis Malbas  
Well hello, everybody, thanks for tuning in to The Training, Learning, and Development Community, I have a little presentation that I'm going to do here, I actually hosted this original topic last week for I don't know about 100 folks that registered, but it doesn't look like the recording was able to, to make it through. So I'm redoing this presentation, I'm going to do it a lot quicker, just so I can get through it. And what I'd like to share with you is how I'm using AI in my current workflow. And that workflow includes the stuff that I'm doing with TLDC, the training learning and development community, which is primarily host online events, weekly online sessions, and especially working with a lot of copy and text and generating ideas for the events that that we produce. And so just real quickly, I'm going to just show you what I've been doing because AI, chat GPT all the technologies that are getting built now that our AI related, this is probably the most profound and scary time that I have experienced in, in my world as a technology professional. And I've been doing this for for well over 20 years, just the possibilities are absolutely through the roof. And I do think that not only how we work is going to change, but how we think

how we build businesses, how we make money, it's all going to shift. And for TLDC for this community. Especially, I just want to share what I've been getting into, because I really feel like if

if you're serious about your career, you need to get ahead of things and, and start getting prepared for what's going to be coming next. Because

you've got to be able to be flexible, and adjust and get ready for a lot of change that is going to happen, maybe not in specifically the next year, maybe even not even this next couple years. But more than likely, stuff is going to start happening, especially like five years from now, things are going to be really different. I'm positive of that. So let me just show you, if you're somebody that is just getting started with AI or just hearing about all these capabilities that AI has, let me show you a little bit of what I do to be able to integrate AI into the workflow that I use with TL DC. So it's this is just kind of a primer.

All right, and excuse my presentation, I'm just using a browser to show you what I've got, I'm just going to share the whole screen. Alright, so there is a place that I go to if you can see on the bottom there of this paragraph, the neuron daily, it's a newsletter that I subscribe to that sends a newsletter an episode or issue every every weekday. And when I first signed up, they sent this really, really great primer on what's going on in AI. And this paragraph is explains it really, really well. So I suggest subscribing to that newsletter, you'll get something every day, you may or may not want to read all of the issues. For myself. I am actually loving what I'm seeing from them. So I highly recommend it. And this paragraph is great. I'm not going to read it out loud. But it is definitely it'll tell you what is sort of happening now. It's May 2023. And the excitement around AI and what is going on. Now specifically I am going to be going over some of these links that are that are on this on this particular slide chat GBT, which is one that I use pretty much 80% of everything I do is through chat GPT I'm just using the free version which I think is 3.5 I just might subscribe to the monthly

premium version which is $20 a month I believe I might do it after I finish up this recording. I want to check it out. I need to get ahead of thing so I I'll probably be signing up really really soon. I also use Google Bard well, maybe more I test Google Bard more than use it. It's not something that it I found to be

that that I've had a lot of applicants

shouldn't forget, and then Microsoft Bing, which you will need the Edge browser to be able to run it. Bang, the Chatbot on Bing is actually really, really good. And I do have used Bing for content and to, to ask AI to respond to prompts that I have. And then also, I have generated images using the Bing AI tool. And you can see both those links, there's links there and, for images that will get you to where you need to be. Now writer. In the second column is an AI writing assistant that I've probably use I've been using for over a year now. Kind of an early adopter of that one, I found it, it came through news, I used to use it for generating ideas

helped my writing a little bit more, you know, my sentence composition, because sometimes I just am terrible at that. But I'm not really using writer much anymore, because Chachi Beatty has shown up quill bot is a summarizer, which I have probably been I've been using up until last month. But now that I've learned how to summarize using chatbots GPT, quill bot is probably not going to be something I go to, but I do want to share it, because it's really simple interface. And I really liked it because of that, but you can go to quill I use that mostly because I would need to summarize, say, if I had a podcast and I there was a particular sequence of conversation that I wanted to just summarize, I can grab the transcript from that, drop it in there, and it would give me something really, really nice. So it is worth still checking out. Snack prompt is how I describe it, sort of like a Digg or Reddit version of of prompting, which if you don't know what prompting is, it's kind of prompting is pretty much the request that you make of, say, chat GPT, or any of the other AI tools, the requests that you make to for a solution or for results. And snack prompt actually is a place that you can go to and find lots of different prompts that people have have used to, to create solutions for them. And

it's like a voting interface. So if somebody posts a prompt that people really, really like it gets voted up. So you can find some excellent, excellent prompts on snack prompt. That one is relatively new in my bookmarks, but I've gone to it a whole bunch. And then lastly, there's a three minute guide from the neuron that that that first slide was based on but there are ton of links in there as well. And so I'll be sharing this, the link to this to this to this slide deck at the end here so that you'll be able to go to this and and bookmark some of these links. So what do I do? What do I what am I using chat GPT. And these AI tools for in my workflow, when I come up with events, I have like an event concept, I have an idea for an event. And I have to refine it, and then create landing pages for it. I go through the process of collecting other community members requesting some help to put together an event. And so we all come together, we use a collaborative tool called a mural, that we all work on finding speakers and finding relevant topics that would be good for the event. And so I'm able to start creating the landing pages and the sessions session descriptions based on finding those speakers that are interested in sharing with us. And and then you just posting their bios, posting their session descriptions, getting the schedule up all of that. And so this is basically my workflow. And I have been using chat GPT quite a bit to help with building this out. Now, so the event concert concept, for instance, we have an event coming up on May 10 through 12. It's called Learning by doing it's a games and gamification event for instructional designers.

I come up with some ideas about how to how do I describe what this this event is about? It's a an event for instructional designers.

But how would I ask AI to write or, you know, display some copy that I can post on the website? I thought

what if I format it as an invitation so the prompt that I used for this learning by doing calm

friends to come up with an event description was write convincing copy inviting people to attend an online conference about games and gamification for instructional designers. Now, I know that actual prompt is fairly primitive, but it really, really worked.

It is now on the front page of the learning by doing landing page, you can see the link here.

I edited it a little bit, not a whole bunch, I would say that maybe 70% of it was perfect for me. And I posted it I honestly I couldn't believe that I had this result. You know, in in as an event producer in the past, I would work with teams to do this kind of stuff, it would take us a good week or two with a team of three to five people to kind of come up with this. But it's amazing the chat, GBT was able to output this. So quickly, I mean, literally, less than 30 seconds, something usable, and

it's ready to go. And that's one of the reasons why I think that this topic is so important, because I want people in the community to make sure that that they start using the power of this technology as soon as possible, just because

if you're good at it, if you start learning it and using it, I think that you'll have more possibilities in your career, maybe even job security or more options. As far as your career is concerned, as time goes on. Because the folks that aren't able to do this are going to definitely get kind of filtered out.

So with those prompts, although I'd come up with that one originally, and this was just a month or two ago. What I've learned since then, is that you can actually change your writing your request a change in the writing style, in your prompts. You can actually get off ask Chad GPT to write in styles such as this academic argumentative, descriptive, I mean, philosophical, suspenseful, all these different styles. And I was amazed when I learned this, and I actually did take a live online course to learn this. But when I saw it, I couldn't believe it. And it further just amazed me at at the power of of chat, GBT and AI. So for instance,

this inspirational style prompt.

If I wanted to update that landing page content, I would use something like this, your writing style is inspirational, motivating and encouraging the reader to take action while incorporating personal anecdotes and positive affirmations. Right copy inviting people to attend an online conference about games and gamification for instructional designers. So that's a that's, that's a change in how I did my original one. And it came up with something like this. Are you ready to take your elearning design skills to the next level? Are you looking for new and engaging ways to make your training programs more effective and exciting for your learners, and so on? It is more inspirational, more like come on, and you know, sign up for this thing, let's go. definitely has that tone to it. I was blown away. I was really, really surprised. But then, let's try something a little different. What if we did it with this experimental writing style? Where you know, the style was pushing the boundaries of traditional writing conventions, while incorporating unconventional structure and language?

Take a look at this.

Here's the response for the experimental writing style. Are you looking to revelon revolutionize your elearning design game ready to level up your skills with some mind bending game design techniques? Then come join us for an electrifying online conference dedicated to all things games and gamification in elearning design?

For me, still inspirational. But, you know, there are things like we'll be blowing the doors off the traditional conference format and turning things up to 11. With an event that's Packed to the Rafters with cutting edge ideas, mind bending concepts and trailblazing thought leaders. So not sure how experimental it is, but it's definitely a lot more exciting and

usable. And that's the thing to completely well, not completely, but very different responses. And this is something that you can use for free. So

yeah, this is a powerful thing. And so

as I'm going through this, and I actually did have not changed the landing page copy from the original

Oh, you know, sort of more primitive prompt that I had created. But I do like this part of it to where you can refine the concepts, you could ask chat GPT to simply refine or summarize or shorten the copy. And so I'm doing that, and I'm taking these refined concepts or shortened concepts, and I'm using those and inserting them in, say, like email copy, or social media posts, or,

you know, just different than like a newsletter, the newsletter that I send out, I can use that, that shortened, refined

description from from Chachi Beatty

to place in there, because something with, you know, 500 words would just be totally inappropriate. So I'm really something much shorter, which, you know, is this size is very, very helpful. And it'll actually even shorten it more than this. And an example of that is

in a couple of weeks, we're doing an event on May 15. With in Crook and Ian had this idea where he wanted to do a session called Why training teams are a waste, and kind of tongue in cheek, little clickbaity. Were like, okay, let's have fun with it. Right? So we're going with it, why training teams are a waste. But what I decided to do was ask chat GPT, to come up with something that was a little more humorous, in in style, and so I created a prompt, telling chat GPT to write in a humorous style, and explain why training teams corporate training teams are a waste. And these are the results that came up with corporate training can be as exciting as watching paint, dry trainers can be as boring as watching grass grow, just this whole list, this bullet list of all of these humorous things related to why training teams are a waste. And so just a side note, join us on May 15. For that one, I think Ian is going to is going to be really, really great talking about why trading teams aren't actually a waste and what he did to make sure that his training team was operating optimally and with a lot of efficiency, but chat GPT incredible that it can come up with this stuff. So quickly.

What I did use was one small paragraph at the very index sort of summarized everything

about why training teams are wasting, you know, in a humorous way. And I use that as the description. And you can see that posted on on on his his session advertisement.

And so with that, you can see that, wait, let me go back to my style slide. From the event concept to the refinement to building the length of landing pages and session descriptions. I have relied on Chad GBT to come up with this stuff in multiple ways. And I do think that it's something that you should start to play around with, start to get comfortable with law, go to chat GPT and get an account or sign up for an account. And just, you know, bookmark that thing, put it in your browser bar and have it there. When you have ideas when you have questions, anything, just start using it on a regular basis, get comfortable with it. I think that what I'm finding

for myself is like, what are the questions that you can't ask it? Because almost everything

has worked for me, I have come up with a couple of issues where I've asked for summaries that the output wasn't entirely accurate, or it was very way too general. And that's specific enough. There are instances where it does that you can actually what I found is you can regenerate the response after you get something you don't like, and it might come up with something that's better and more focused and applies a lot more to what you're looking for. Try that but you know, I would say the chat GBT, maybe 70% of the time is great. But that 30% is definitely worth watching out for. So

you know, so definitely keep an eye on that.

So with that, I'm going to close this out by letting you know by sharing with some more links with you. Ethan Maalik is somebody from that I've been following. He has a website at one useful He's an educator. He's amazing. I found out about him a couple months ago where he had probably published a blog post about how he used ChaCha CBT. And I think maybe a couple other AI tools, how you use them to come up with

Unknown Speaker  
with a website

Luis Malbas  
And a marketing plan for a gaming product that he created. And he gave himself a time limit of 30 minutes to come up with this full package of everything he needed to,

to market his his game. And he was able to do it 30 minutes, email sequence social posts, even the structure of the website, he used AI to generate all of this stuff and he was able to do it under 30 minutes. So you can find him at one useful also online, I've been kind of keeping an eye on LinkedIn other places. For instructional designers that are working with AI, Luke Hobson is is somebody that is doing a lot of stuff now with with chat GPT you can check him out at his dog at his website at Dr. Luke He has been on to DC broadcasts in the past. Josh, Kevin layer, same thing. Josh has a wonderful guy.

He is doing some work in in chat GPT. In fact, I think that's his primary focus now. I remember I think it was last year where he is really really getting heavy into it now sort of watching that fascinated by the journey that he's taking. He is definitely a media expert, an elearning expert but now he's really gotten gotten into AI and he offers workshops and he's I think he's leading the industry at this point in in AI and building learning content.

Dr. Pooja Jai Singh I just found a series of videos from her

Pooja did something on scenario based learning, she has a YouTube channel check it out, there are only three videos and I think they've all been

loaded in this last week. But I am ABS I mean, I watched all three of them I couldn't believe what I was seeing, definitely worth checking out what what Pooja is doing. And then something to inspire you a little bit, I've got this, there is a Sal Khan, from Khan Academy has a TED Talk where he feels like AI is going to level the playing field for education for everybody. He has a very, very positive spin on it.

I'm sort of not as enthusiastic, but it's good. It's good that he's out there encouraging everybody, but But check it you can check that And then also again, neuron, the newsletter, I love having that it it branches, branches, things branch off from the neuron for me. So I find other things that are really relevant based on that. So check, check out the neuron newsletter. And then of course, many of you know that I work at O'Reilly Media and

and we have there is a lot of content on the O'Reilly website, especially on their the radar part that talking about AI and machine learning all of that from a definitely more a technical and advanced level. But it's worth checking out of

O'Reilly has amazing insights on, on on Business and Technology. And AI is definitely a focus. We just had a webinar recently. Or actually it was a virtual event where 28,000 people signed up. And and that just goes to show you as when it comes to big tech and people that are programmers and technologists. There is a lot of interest in what is going on right now. With AI. So I hope that this is helpful. I'll have a link to this slide deck in the description.

Please start looking into using this these tools get comfortable with using chat GBT. I mean, I thought that when smartphone came out that it was going to be a revolutionary thing for for learning and for

just even our for society. And

but, you know, this AI

really has my head spinning, I just, I'm just blown away by what the possibilities are positive and negative. So it's something that we all really need to get a handle on and, and just stay on top of it because it's going to be if you are working with anything digital, this is going to be a part of your world. So with that, I'm going to close this out. Hope you enjoy the presentation. Sorry, the original one didn't record but hopefully this one will make up for it. And we'll see you next time. Thanks a lot.

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