How To Become An Instructional Designer in 2020 with Devlin Peck

So - are you wondering about how to be an instructional designer in 2020? Then you're going to love this episode...Meet Devlin Peck of Peck Consulting. Devlin joined us to discuss an article he wrote exactly about that: How to Become An Instructional Designer in 2020.As you might expect, there was a lot to go over, and we moved through the conversation at a quick pace. In fact, I can safely say this episode may have had more Q&A than any previous TLDCast we've done. We had over 200 people registered for this one, so the audience chat was a constant stream.Give this episode a listen, it's full of helpful information and you may want to go the original recording for more detail. The chat transcript is also located in our Slack group at Enjoy.

Key takeaways

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