How to Find Jobs in Instructional Design featuring Rubina Halwani

In this Community Discussion TLDCast episode, Rubina Halwani led an excellent conversation about finding jobs in Instructional Design.

Rubina is a teacher turned Instructional Designer that used her backgrounds in Business Development and the film market to eventually begin her career as an ID.

Some highlights of the discussion:

* Network as much as possible. Use the power of social media to find other professionals like yourself to learn what they’re doing and how they’ve found employment. Use Linkedin and Twitter to join conversations.
* Go to conferences and attend sessions. Connect with speakers and attendees; this is another great way to network. Zero in on what you find most interesting and put your career focus there.
* Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses. Highlight what you’re good at and work on those weaknesses when you can. Find the situation your strengths complement.
* Put the time in and learn a relevant tool. And just pick one, don’t try to learn several. Get good at it.
* If you’d like to get real-world experience learning a piece of technology, volunteer for a non-profit or similar and build for them. * This will always look great on your resume and will often lead to employment opportunities.
* Build a portfolio and get as much feedback about it as you can. The better your portfolio is, the better chance you’ll have of finding the employment you’re looking for.
* Use industry specific job boards, like the one you can find on the TLDC website.

Key takeaways

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