L&D Job Titles...Which One Is Yours? featuring Rubina Halwani and Toddi Norum

In many ways, the journey of the instructional designer is still very undefined. Put five IDs in a room and there's a good chance no two came about their careers in the same way.

And so it is with L&D Job Titles. Rubina Halwani and Toddi Norum go through a great list of L&D Job Titles that Rubina compiled.

Rubina has a particular passion for helping L&D job seekers, so this resource of titles is something she's researched first hand. Is your focus elearning, or media, or writing? Or a combination of all three? Should your job title be the same in every case?

Check out this episode and learn more.

And here's a link to Rubina's list of job titles.

Key takeaways

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