L&D's Role in Cultivating Racial Equity in the Workplace

How do we in L&D, including both those who hold more privileged identities and those who don’t, connect meaningfully to conversations on racial equity, process our feelings and perceptions, and design learning experiences that are equitable? In this session, we’ll discuss L&D’s role in cultivating racial equity and participants will walk away with key resources and actions to:

  • Explore personal socialization and subsequent bias
  • Discuss the intersection of race & other social identities to address inequity across other aspects of marginalization (gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity).  
  • Assess if structures, processes, and/or social interactions are equitable
  • Make impactful anti-racist decisions that make your training and learning solutions more equitable
  • Work more effectively with your team across lines of difference

Key takeaways

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