Set Up An Adventure Game ... or a Multi-Scenario Lesson! feat Joe Ganci

You know that the tool you use dictates a lot of what you can offer as part of your instructional design. However, some of the more engaging types of learning can be based on the old-style choose-your-own-adventure games of yore. Trying to build such a branching scenario in an authoring tool can be frustrating, however. Most people agree that these types of learning activities can be the most meaningful and help learners the most when on the job, so why aren't they used more?

While the concept of a branching scenario is simple, its application can seem daunting. Joe Ganci will cut through the confusion and help you to see the simple steps to take to ensure that you will be able to create your branching scenarios without breaking a sweat! Joe's many years of experience will be at your service as he helps you to:

* Determine the first absolutely crucial step to take first!

* Apply the output of the first step to your tool quickly.

* Test the results for bug-free experiences.

* Maintain and update the source files easily in the future.

Key takeaways

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