Teacher Tired: Transitioning from the Classroom to New Careers with Dina Beavers

Are you a teacher feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or unfulfilled? Join Dina Beavers for an inspiring session on her forthcoming book, ""Teacher Tired: 100 Former Teachers, Their New Careers, and Why They Left."" In this session, Dina will share compelling stories from former teachers who have successfully transitioned to new careers, offering a diverse range of professional paths and the common threads behind their decisions to leave the classroom.Discover how these educators navigated their career changes, the strategies they employed, and the opportunities they found beyond teaching. Whether you're contemplating a career shift or simply curious about the possibilities, this session will provide valuable insights and encouragement. Learn that it's okay to consider new opportunities and that others have made the leap successfully—so can you.

Key takeaways

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