The Attention Economy, The Age of Distraction, & Learning In The Time of COVID-19

In this Community Discussion, we went for a topic that's a little different than our typical TLDCasts.

The challenges of the pandemic have people spending more time living their digital lives in front of screens. So it was worth scrutinizing what that means for our psychology, and specifically, the concepts of The Attention Economy and The Age of Distraction.

These sound like rather "hefty" terms, and admittedly they are. We go over what these ideas and approaches mean and why they may be contributing to why people are currently feeling unrooted, restless, and lacking focus. I know I am.  So we're talking about what that means for learning in the time of COVID-19.

A lot of chat in this one, so you may want to check out the original crowdcast recording to get the full experience of the discussion:


Key takeaways

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