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The Training, Learning and Development Conference 2016 | Defining our Industry Today for Tomorrow

An Evolved Global Community for Training, Learning, and Development Professionals

Do You Work in Corporate Learning & Development?
Welcome Home!

Technology is disrupting the workplace and L&D continues to fall behind

Engaging learners, dealing with change, improving effectiveness, demonstrating value — there are an endless number of challenges L&D Professionals face on a day to day basis.

Our Solution?

The Training, Learning, and Development Community.

Professional development doesn’t have to be something you only do at an annual conference or training.

Modern L&D professionals need an active and highly engaged network of colleagues they can trust, share, and learn from.

They need more: Professional Development Every Day.

Our View: The Rings of Focus


You are at the Center of the Ring. All other rings depend on your engagement, productivity, design, and implementation. Our primary goal at TLDC is to serve you.


We then focus on the Projects you create. Our Community is composed of Makers, and we build systems and process to help Learners learn.



It takes a Village. We’re a part of a team. And our Community is your team. By working together, we are able to better serve the outermost circle. Together.

The Industry

Bringing together You, the Projects we work on, and the Teams we are a part of, is our Industry. Which, in turn, brings us back to You, the center.

Here’s What We Do



Our Community meets every weekday at 8a PT/11a ET. Real people, five days a week, discussing what’s relevant in our industry, the jobs we do, and who we are as L&D Professionals.

Private Groups

We are a global Community of Training, Learning, and Development Professionals. Just as we’re not constrained by borders or time zones, we’re not constrained by messaging platforms.

Twitter chats, Facebook Groups, Slack, and more – we facilitate and guide conversations in multiple platforms and go where you are, when you want, and need to be.

Start participating and/or join as a Member to access our Groups.


Events and Meetups are key in nurturing a Digital Community. We’ve been building Conferences for more than a decade and know of nothing better than connecting IRL with the peers you meet online.


We build small, affordable, highly-focused events that will inspire you to continue to get better at what you do.


Join us at The Training, Learning, and Development Conference 2019 in Phoenix, AZ January 28 & 29, 2019.

Learn More

TLDC is the Future of Communities

We are Educators. We believe in People. And we are leveraging technology to get back to the core of what we do: Sharing Knowledge.


The idea for our Community started out simple: Create Conversations. Connect to the internet, and use video/audio/text chat to share ideas relevant to the jobs we do. Discussion leads to Understanding. Understanding grows Knowledge. Knowledge finds Solutions.


With over 1000 active subscribers in six months, we believe we’re on to something. And it can change the world.



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