Spring Community Day

Friday, April 30, 2021

Special Thanks to the Speakers below for sharing their Session Recordings

Raising Our Storytelling Sights featuring Rance Greene

We know stories are great for training. Instructional Story Design offers a clear path to discovering, designing & delivering those stories. But there's another opportunity. Every day. All around us. Rance helps us see beyond the use of stories at work as strictly a training tool, but as the language of humans who need connection, inspiration, guidance & persuasion. Join this opening session for an inspirational and practical start to a transformed workspace, where stories are always welcomed.

The Joys of Being An Amateur featuring Taruna Goel

We often hear and read about how to become an expert, a guru, a specialist, etc. But no one ever talks about how to be an amateur. Maybe because the word, 'amateur' makes us think of someone inexperienced, unskilled, unprofessional, or a beginner. But there’s more to the word, 'amateur'. This session will focus on how adopting a beginner's mindset and practicing being an amateur can offer an incredible advantage when trying to uncover richer stories about people, products, and processes.

The 5 Ws and H of Instructional Design (and How They're Not Necessarily Equal) featuring Bryan Smith

Every one of our learners has their own story which affects their understanding of the world around them. As instructional designers, this can present challenges when creating content that meets the learners where they are. This discussion will look at the ways we can help our learners gain the most value from our courses, simply by answering six easy questions.

The Art of Rejection: How to Rebound to Get What You Want featuring Tameka J Harris

Have you ever faced rejection in your career? If you have, or, if you're facing some form of rejection right now, don't worry--you're in good company. In this session, you'll crossover from the sidelines of a missed opportunity onto the full-court of what's next.

Managing the Complexity of Branching Scenarios featuring Christy Tucker

Branching scenarios can provide learners with opportunities to practice making decisions in relevant contexts. However, they can also be time-consuming & complex to plan, build, & evaluate. In this session, we'll talk about ways to manage the complexity of branching scenarios. We'll examine every stage of development, reviewing ways to streamline the process of analysis, writing, building, & reviewing. You'll leave this discussion w/practical ideas for making branching scenarios easier to create.

Why Stories Motivate Learners with Margie Meacham

Why do stories work so well to motivate learners? It's because we're wired to insert ourselves in the middle of the action and experience every story as if it were our own. This survival technique is an ancient adaptation that helped us survive a very hostile climate and pass down our truths before we had invented writing. When you understand the neuroscience of stories, you'll realize how you can use them to enhance learning and on-the-job performance.

BONUS: Why Story Works with Theresa Francomacaro

We started a little early with next week's Community Day to talk with Theresa Francomacaro on Why Story Works.

Theresa answered lots of questions on this one including how she helps people with Story, five neurological impulses that are inherent in good stories and specifically why Stories are good for Training.

As you can imagine, the conversation was engaging and fun --- probably because Stories were the subject --- and we shared a few.

Give this one a listen and get prepared for lots more Story and Training content in next week's Community Day celebration.

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