Graphic Design for
Instructional Design

October 7, 2022

Upgrading Your Design Skills with Nick Floro

This jam session will provide you with best practices and skills by understanding the graphic design fundamentals. We’ll explore color, fonts, how to design with accessibility in mind, and resources and techniques to continue your journey. We’ll break down the steps needed to help you discover how to brainstorm effectively, test, gather feedback, and design quickly with collaboration to transform your learning experiences. Finally, we’ll look at resources so you can continue growing and feel confident in creating amazing learning experiences.

Aesthetics and Composition - Heuristics Can Be Beautiful Through Applying Design Principles with Rick Jacobs

Graphic design and instructional design share two common concepts - they are both a type of communication and they both are a vehicle of change in beliefs. These two things become the heart of what the end product looks like. If they are designed poorly, they fail, and change does not happen.In this session we will discuss graphic design principles and how they can be leveraged for developing training that changes the audience, without them feeling like change happened.

How to Visually Design Text for Better Readability with Joseph Suarez

Instructional designers consciously work to keep text-based content readable from a contextual standpoint (how well text can be understood when read). However, visual readability also plays an important role in ensuring learners comprehend and retain what they read. This session will stress the importance of improving visual readability and the factors that enable it, as well as demonstrate how to achieve it using popular writing and authoring tools.

Affordable & Accessible Graphic Design with Canva with Bela Gaytan

If you’ve spent any time looking at Instructional Design job postings, you’ve likely seen that we are often expected to have graphic design experience, too.  But… what if you don’t know how to use Adobe and other tools?  What if you can’t afford it?  What if you’re disabled and struggle with the intricate and oftentimes complicated user interface of other tools?  In this session, Bela will walk you through how to create amazing assets in Canva while being kind to your finances and energy!

Make Your Course Look Like a Million Bucks Without Breaking the Bank with Kayleen Holt

Sometimes, instructional designers have to do it all, including graphic design—even when we don’t have the budget or proper training. In this session, you’ll learn about 10 graphic design tools that are easy to use—and easy on the wallet.

The Language of Visual Communication with Kevin Thorn

In this session, you will learn the fundamentals of visual thinking and communicating by learning simple techniques to help define your ideas visually. Becoming a good graphic designer, I'll show you how to leverage a skillset you already have and learn how visual language has a grammatical structure similar to written language. Deconstructing an idea into its basic elements and reconstructing it in its visual parts will help you understand the fundamental principles of graphic design. And with that foundation, you’ll learn how those principles form a universal language for visual storytelling, problem-solving, and idea sharing and ultimately enhance your graphic design skills.