From Instructional Design to Dungeons & Dragons

The Chronicles of Educaria

Session Recordings

Introduction to Dungeons and Dragons with DM Keegan Long-Wheeler

Introduction to Dungeons and Dragons with DM Christie Kittle

The Adventure Begins! Creating Powerful Programming That Matters with Dawn Kahan Metcalf

Gagne Meets Gygax: What the Roots of the D&D Hobby Can Teach Us About eLearning Design & Development with Jonathan Rock

Conjuring Creativity for Your Leadership Training with Marc Stoecker

Lessons learned from Game-Based Professional Development with Keegan Long-Wheeler and John Stewart

AdventureQuest: Building a Purposeful Curriculum with Nathalie Vega-Rhodes

Level Up Your Elearning: Character Creation for Scenario-Based Learning with Christy Tucker

Roll for Initiative: Conquer Your Workplace Goals with Role-Play Mechanics with Russell Sweep

Cyber Resilience: Applying Physical Security in Digital Realms with Julia Sheehy

The Three Pillars of D&D: Designing for Dynamic Learning Experiences with Nathalie Vega-Rhodes

Neurodiversity in the Guild: Crafting Learning Experiences for All Adventurers with Christie Kittle

xAPI & Character Sheets: Crafting Your Unique Learning Path with Tristin Sylvester

Storytelling, Strategy, and Sensitivity: The Workplace Power of D&D with Tom McDowall