Women in Learning & Development Conference 2024

Recordings and Resources
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YES! You CAN succeed as a self-employed L&D Consultant! with Leah Chang

Nurturing the Nurturers: Elevating Learning Through Leading with Dr. Pilar Huffman

Women, Leadership, and Training: Past, Present, and Future with Melissa Cokely

Maximizing Your Time: Productivity Hacks for Work (and Life) with Kimberly Goh

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: 5 Tips for Breaking up with a Customer with Christine Thomas

Inside Out: Moving from Internal L&D to Customer Education with Clea Mahoney

Food for Thought: Navigating Motherhood Cooking and Instructional Design with Rebecca Prejean

Leading with Generosity: A Conversation with Megan Torrance about Technology, Community, & What’s Ahead

How L&D Can Help Support Parents (especially moms!) in the Workplace with Kortney Ross

Transition Guide from Learning Leader to Entrepreneur with Erika Moree

Invest In Yourself with Christy Tucker

Design Thinking for Learning Design with Connie Malamed

How Women Rise with Answer Intelligence with Laine Istvan

Using AI in the Workplace: Practical Tips You Can Use Today with Cyndi Nagel

Unlocking Opportunities: The Power of Purposeful Networking with Kim Scott

L&D Colored Glasses: Seeing Business Goals through the Lens of L&D with Dr Mechelle Roberthon