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Tips, tricks, and hacks from our L&D Community

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Productivity - it's where the rubber meets the road and where things get done. And to start 2020, we're introducing our Productivity Playlist, a new series of discussions where we talk about the way we get things done: from file management and organization to tool tweaks and hacks, we're covering some of those behind-the-scenes activities that help you be more productive and efficient. The format of this series is different from our typical TLDCast- short episodes focusing on specific tips, tricks and hacks to help you get the job done.


2019 Productivity Lessons Learned with Kristen Hayden Safdie
XD and SVG: Some Tips to Optimize Your eLearning featuring Joe Ganci
Focus, Gumption, Fear and Getting Things Done featuring Jonathan Rock
The Power of Reflection and Planning with Jo Cook
Project Kickoff! with Nick Floro
Alan Natachu's favorite productivity keyboard shortcuts on the PC & Mac
Jayne Davids with Camtasia Workflow Tips!

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