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Keynote: Building Your L&D Brand Like A Boss with Kati Ryan
A Simple Planning Model to Get The Best out of New Technologies like VR, AI and AR with Debbie Richards and Hugh Seaton
Radical Performance: Reimagining Corporate Learning in the Digital Age with Brandon Carson
Closing Session Featuring Trish Uhl, Bob Pike, and Shannon Tipton
Learning Technology Mystery Series Presents "The Case of the Disengaged Learner" with Cara North
Women in Learning & Development (WiLD) Panel with host Toddi Norum and guests Shannon Tipton, Laura Sanchez, and Tricia Ransom
Demystifying Sales: We Sell Knowledge - So Let's Learn How to Sell it! with Mike Simmons
Kassy LaBorie: Interact and Engage! Activities for SPECTACULAR Live Online Events
Microsession: Audio/Video for eLearning with Matt Pierce, Sam Rogers, and John Kissinger
Tim Slade: Creating Engaging Learning Through Visual Design
What the Research Says: Develop Boundaryless Leaders with Tom Stone
Make Them Say "Wow" with a Smart Chatbot with Margie Meacham and Joe Ganci
Group Activity: Draw Your Way to Better Global Communication with Kevin Thorn
Microlearning as Learning Reinforcement! with Shannon Tipton
Trish Uhl Keynote: The Modern Learning, Talent & Development Landscape in the Age of Intelligent Machines

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