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Data is key to unlocking the future of L&D. It's the fuel that helps successful organizations run and guides strategies for growth and positive results. Measuring and analyzing data help us make better decisions, solve problems, improve processes, accelerate performance, and achieve goals. Data tells the story of our success...and our failures. It offers us the intelligence to keep moving forward, or to stop, and reassess. And most importantly, data aligns us with the business AND our learners. It's how we measure performance and display results. Join the Training, Learning, and Development Community this October as we discuss Data, Measurement, and Analytics. This topic is what is guiding the future of L&D, and this series is a perfect introduction to why and what you need to know ... NOW.


Learning You Can Count On with Sam Rogers
Peace, Love & Data Interoperability: Using xAPI to Drive Analytics with Megan Torrance
Moving to the Head of the Table: Learning Analytics, Assessments, and Impact with A.D. Detrick
Make your Learning Design more Effective through Learning Analytics with Elham Arabi
From The Data Society: CEO Merav Yuravlivker

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